Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Symphony Of Shooter Errors...

...but I have to give her the fact that there are evidently at least two range officers overlooking her shoot like that without correcting her. People shoot either as trained or as ignoramuses without training, I am not sure into which category she fits - maybe both.

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They Cut Off The Muzzle In The Photo...

... and darn it if that doesn't just ruin the whole thing!

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Doctors Asking About Your Guns

Has your doctor or health plan ever asked if you own a gun? I had a doctor or three ask me that over the years. Once doc asked me as she was examining me, I told her that I had it with me at that very moment. She was okay with that being that she usually dealt with responders to the WTC attacks on 9/11. Had another doc (actually a radiologist) ask me about guns once, I think it was because I had a NRA or hunting magazine with me when I was in his office. He asked out of mutual interest, he owned quite a few himself. Other than that I have rarely been asked about guns by any doctors treating me.

If a doctor asked me that today, I think I'd either answer that I had a nice machinegun at home set up on the second floor to sweep the street out front or that it was none of his friggin business. Then, I would probably report the doctor for an ethical violation. Unless I am seeing a psychiatrist for emotional or mental problems, it really is none of my doctors' business whether or not I own guns and even then it may not have anything to do with my treatment. So, unless for some reason I decide the bring up the topic, it should not come up for discussion in my doctor's office nor in his waiting room as a question on a form I need to fill out.

An interesting and somewhat informative article on the subject of doctors asking patients about guns and what you can do about it can be found at this link.

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Attention Shoppers...

...we have specials running in aisles 2 and 3 hurry before you miss them. Tell me, why is it that when I shop at the supermarket, I never see anything like these two. I must live in the wrong part of the country.

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Glenn B

Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's Independence Day...

...and while I wish you a happy one, I wish you would think about what is the meaning of Independence Day. It is the day we declared, as a new nation, that we were throwing off the yoke of tyranny, that we would stand united in the face of whatever was to come and that we pledged our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to stand by one another to do so.

Heaven help us, what have we become! We need to again face tyranny or perish as a free nation. Our elected leaders are as tyrannical and rights usurping as any King of England had ever been but just in a manner more easily tolerated by the People. It has come to the point though, that should we continue, in just a short time we will no longer be the country we fashioned ourselves to be. We will no longer remain a constitutional republic, we have truly fallen into an abyss of rights and liberties violations, of corrupted government control of, and interference in, the most private parts of our lives, even into the most mundane aspects of everyday living. Should we not reverse course soon, all is sure to be lost. I pray it not too late already. A turning point is near my friends, either one in which we turn to wholly embraces the darkness of oppression or one in which we decide to turn to face our oppressors, the tyrants who seek to completely strip us of every freedom, and stand our ground to bring about their defeat and a reinstatement of our rights and liberties and rule of constitutional law throughout the land.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Well, The New TV Sure Is Nice...

...and I owe a lot of thanks to my wife, daughter, son-in-law for it but I really owe most of the thanks to my son whose idea it was to get me one and as I understand who put forth the lion's share of the money to pay for it. Anyway, thank you all VERY, VERY, VERY, MUCH.

I finally got it set up this evening after picking up a HDMI set-top box from Verizon yesterday. Setting it up was a bit of a pain in the arse, mind you not because of the TV but because of the FIOS set-top box. I called in to Verizon tech service to get some help and was on the phone for about 20-25 minutes before someone among the living picked up. We talked for awhile and she said she was testing this and that and asked a gazillion questions about the new box I had just picked up yesterday (I am stressing she was aware of that) and she went on and on about nothing, put me on hold, and you guessed it - we were disconnected at a few seconds under 37 minutes phone time. Due to some recent dealings with Verizon incompetence, I was fuming. So, I decided not to call right back.

I waited bit and then went online to see what I could do myself. Amazingly there under a link for support was another link for TV and when I clicked on that I saw a menu including an option to Activate Set-Top Box or DVR. Guess what happened when I clicked on it, it said I had a new box that needed to be activated. I click on the icon to activate my set-top box and within a few seconds it said the box had been successfully activated. Why couldn't he tech services rep have figured out tha this step was necessary? While necessary though it was not all that was needed and I went to Verizon chat to try to get someone to help me there. It was a task just getting to the chat screen in Verizon Support. I finally got there after about 10 minutes of answering stupid questions that had zero to do with the problem and was told I was 15th in the queue and my wait would be about 15 1/2 minutes. At about 20 minutes of waiting, with no representative engaging in chat with me, was beginning to fill the room and when I looked around, I realized it was coming out of my ars. Yes I was fuming once again.

While still waiting for a Verizon representative to engage me in an online chat, I called Verizon again This time, surprisingly enough, the automated system asked if I was calling relative to my earlier call for tech service and when I responded yes, it put me through to a live person within about a minute or less. I explained everything I could to the young lady who answered my call for help. She was quite pleasant and listened attentively, even when I interrupted to tell her a bit more and I did that twice, or was it three times. Anyway, she giggled when I finished and told me it sounded if I had done my part right. Then she got to work and did this and that. After about a good ten minutes, the box was working, the TV came I an I set it up as per screen instructions. Then I noticed the picture was not filling the screen and I wondered aloud why it wasn't doing that. She had me resize the screen under video settings for Standard Definition override or something like that and it looked great. Then I thought of something else and mumbled it to her because I kind of, sort of, figured I had been a jerk in mentioning the picture size in the first place since I had the TV tuned to a SD channel instead of a High Definition one. Yep, I went back a reset everything as it had been, tuned from the SD to an HD channel and the picture was full screen as it should be in HD. At least now though, I got some lessons on how to change the video settings if need be. When I apologized for giving her extra work, she just gave a young ladylike giggle again and said not to bother.

The one thing she explained to me about the new set-top box that makes it different from older ones is that it is apparently a cheaper model because it does not display the channel mor the time. The older ones displayed the channels as you changed them, or when the set was turned on, for at least a few seconds and then switched to the time. I was used to that but she said the new models did not have that feature. She cheered me up some on that point when she said they may still have some of the other models available and to check wit my local Verizon store. I'll be there on Sunday.

After that as all done, I asked her where she was and she said CA. When I asked where in CA, she told me San Diego. I then told her about how I used to live 120 or so miles due east of there in both Calexico and El Centro, CA many years ago and how a weekend trip to a friends house in Pacific Beach (a neighborhood In San Diego) was like going to heaven right out of hell. Well maybe not in those words but she understood. We talked a bit more about how nice it is out there and such and said our good byes. What a pleasure she was and what a difference from the first tech services person to whom I spoke was she. She, along with another nice lady I dealt with in Verizon customer service this week, actually convinced me that maybe, just maybe, I won't be dropping Verizon and going back to Cablevision as I had supposed might be happening soon.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the every feature of the TV to work. I already set the Wi-Fi connection, adjusted the picture, set the sound, set up an infrared device so the TV's remote works that of the set-top box but will probably change that to the FIOS remote controlling everything since that one is a universal remote when I have some more time and more patience. What I have been unable to get right is how to share pictures and such from my computer via the Wi-Fi connection or how to otherwise use Wi-Fi, such as to surf the net, over the TV. I also have yet to manually hook up my laptop to the television via the HDMI ports on each device. If I get that right, I may use the TV as a monitor now and then for things like a good game like Fallout New Vegas. Yeah, I know, it's dated but I love it. I'll probably try to do that stuff on Sunday, I have other things to do tomorrow on Independence Day.

All the best,
Glenn B

Lynne Russell's Husband Takes Out Assailant

...but sadly also took three shots himself. he is expected to recover. As for the bad guy, the coroner recovered his body and good riddance is all I can think.

Lynne who, you may be asking! You remember her don't you, the attractive anchor of CNN once upon a time. She was accosted in a Motel 6 parking lot (she will never live down that she was staying there) and pushed into her room by a gun wielding assailant. Once they were inside the room, her husband Chuck de Caro, also a former CNN employee and a former member of the Special Forces exited the bathroom, saw what was going on and moved in front of the night stand on which they had two pistols. Lynne reportedly made her way to the table and put one of the guns in her purse, turned to her husband and asked him if he thought there was anything in the bag they could give the aggressor. The husband reportedly replied "Oh yes, there is" took out the pistol and wound up in a blazing gun battle with the dirtbag, expended all the rounds in that pistol and then grabbed their other one and started firing that one too. The alleged criminal is history. More here.

Now, I did not write this post to merely tell you about what happened but to ponder a single question. Why didn't Lynne Russell turn, pistol in hand and start firing while she apparently had every advantage of surprise, which would have allowed her husband to grab the other gun and do likewise? Actually, it's not a question you or I need to answer but it may wind up being a question that she and her husband keep asking for all the years they have remaining. Would have, could have, should have been - I am not going there but my bet would be they will be plagued by that question and with what may have been had she started shooting first.

Hopefully though, all will be well for them because one never knows just how one will react when under the gun. For all she knew or thought, that was the best way to get him.

Here is wishing a speedy and full recovery to her husband Chuck de Caro - American hero and most certainly Lynne Russell's hero.

All the best,
Glenn B

Walmart - What The Fuck Is Wrong With You

Of course, by now, Walmart has issued an apology for having made the ISIS flag cake. Too bad their apology is half assed as they use the excuse that their employee did not know it was an ISIS flag. They have missed not only the point but the whole frigging boat, they went way overboard with this one. Now they are floundering in a sea of political correctness arse kissing and hoping someone will throw them a life preserver because they have apologized. I am no fan of any state flying the flag of the Confederate States of America but I am a fan of free speech. While I understand the right to free speech guarantees no government interference with that right, said right ought to be held dear by a business entity like Walmart that makes its billions primarily off of hard working Americans.

I would bet I could walk into a Walmart tomorrow and get a cake decorated to look like: the Little Red Book, the words Mein Kampf, the abbreviation USSR, an atomic bomb explosion (mushroom cloud), a map of Vietnam, a Cuban flag, a North Korean Flag, the image of Che Guevara, and image of Pol Pot or Stalin, or many images or words that would most certainly be extremely disturbing to many United States citizens. They would probably use the same excuse, if I was successful in getting cakes decorated likethat, that their clerk had no cue as to what was being represented.

Likewise though, even though all the businesses I am about to mention have stopped selling Confederate flags, I'd also bet that I could purchase merchandise with words or images on them, like those just mentioned, at or through those businesses. In fact, it seems certain that I can: Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Sears (is this supposed to be okay because they do not offer it in red), Target and Etsy. Read, here, the reported reasons why some of them refuse to sell the Confederate flag.

Now tell me, should not the sales of all these other items be banned by them likewise according to their own reasoning! We live in a world of hypocrites and political arse kissers but I do not have to shop at them and neither do you. Then again, maybe you do have to shop at a place like Walmart or those other places sometimes but even if you do, then why not shop there less frequently and spread your money around elsewhere. Let them feel some space in their pockets - at least until they make amends or do business equally for everything and everyone instead of them pandering to political correctness.

You know, as an afterthought, maybe I should t be addressing this post to Walmart with the question of what the fuck is wrong with it. Maybe I should be asking America because folks we are the ones who allowed crap like this to happen.

All the best,

What Idiot Would Use This Cell Phone Case...

...and not expect that at some point he might get himself shot? Shot by whom - by a cop or by a person legally carrying a firearm who felt threatened by it when the moron pulled it out to use his phone and inadvertently pointed it at one of them.

I have to pretty much agree with almost everything the cop in the video said except maybe for the fact that it is not just cops who have to be concerned about this when it comes to morons who would use one of these pistol shaped gun cases, it is all of us. Even if unarmed and I saw a guy pull one out, with me thinking it was a pistol, and it was pointed at me or mine, I might try to take him out to defend myself and my loved ones. Really folks, I think that if you buy and use one of these, you are asking begging for trouble because sooner or later one of these is going to get someone hurt or killed.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Am Not Concerned At All...

...about a threat to my safety at the beach due to shark attacks. I am not about to go to the beach let alone go swimming in the ocean any time soon. Of course, I might go fishing and fall overboard into the chum-slick and then I be worried some. What about you?

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Typical Leftist Too Stupid To Realize Being An Anarchist & A Communist...

...are mutually exclusive of one another. Watch and listen here to the second guy that was interviewed, in the linked video, about an attempted flag burning the day before in NYC. The brain surgeon, rocket scientist, Che wannabe revolutionary type, potential flag burner who said it is the guy in black ball cap and black shirt, get a load of what it says on his shirt (evidently it's okay for a leftist to advocate murder). What would you expect of a leftist loon who probably never paid attention in school and who likely does not have a clue as to what is either an anarchist or a communist.

Yesterday, I heard Kuby, of the Curtis and Kuby show, belittle the intellect of the patriots who were defending the flag while trying to show how superior was the intelligence of the leftists who wanted to burn the flag. It was an amusing skit but sadly, I think Kuby probably believed what he was saying. To me, it's obvious he struck out on that one when more of the evidence was viewed.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

She May Have The Right Ammo... fact I am sure she has the right ammo...
Clickity biggity, can you imagine they can get bigger!
...but did you even see the gun?
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Glenn B

Monday, June 29, 2015

Did Cuomo Actually Call The Shooting and Capture Of David Sweat Courageous?

I heard that today here. Did people actually crowd around in a town up that way today and cheer. Were they cheering that a NY State Trooper had shot Sweat in the back while Sweat was apparently fleeing unarmed. I wonder what Cuomo would have said, and what the crowds would have been doing, had it been a black escapee. I wonder why we have heard nothing on this from Al Sharpton. Of course, I am being sarcastic to a point. I really do wonder why we have not heard from Al.

As for the trooper being courageous, yes he was courageous to have approached Sweat on his own and he most certainly knew to have waited for backup may have resulted in Sweat being able to evade capture one more time. Was he legally justified to shoot Sweat as he fled? Yes, I believe the trooper probably was justified more than enough to shoot him (although I am not sure about NY law on this, I am going by  federal court decisions). Although I do not find anything courageous in shooting a guy as he flees, I do understand the necessity of it and I think that the trooper most probably understood also. I also understand the split second decision he had to make and the internal dilemma he may have faced to arrive at that decision. I understand a lot about the use of deadly force against a fleeing felon, after all, I had collateral duties (even full time duties for awhile) as a firearms instructor for a federal agency and taught about that in classes and was taught it myself by others several times.

So, I don't care that the trooper shot the guy from behind (or from whatever angle as he fled) and wounded him and that the suspect was unarmed at the time and there is no sarcasm in that. I would not care had he killed him, in fact I think we all would have been better off had it wound up that way. He stopped him, he caught him, he put an end to one of the largest manhunts ever and just about however he legally did it is okay with me. I would think with Sweat's record and with the actions of Sweat and Matt, since their escape, such as it apparently having been Matt who shot at a camper as it drove by him and the trooper believing that Matt and Sweat had been together at the time, the trooper had more than enough reasonable belief, even probable cause, to believe that this escaped murderer was an imminent threat to the trooper or others. So, fire away at the guy as he flees and stop him from doing any more harm. Good job trooper, excellent police work and I mean that with all of my heart felt thanks.

The thing that gets me though is I would bet my house (which is paid for) that had this been an African American escapee, Al Sharpton and the agitatahz-in-da-hood would have been calling for the trooper's blood by now. Granted, the guy who was shot down in NC (or was it SC) who was running away from the cop down there, that cop will probably get what is coming to him and from what I saw of the video (and basing it only on that video) likely deserves to be convicted. That may well have been manslaughter but that is for a jury to decide.

What I am saying is that I cannot blame people for getting all sorts of riled up about that but then there was Fergusson, MO. That officer should have, in my opinion, received a commendation and a medal. Yet, the Rev. Al and his type probably are still chanting "hands up - don't shoot" as often as they can and I truly believe had David Sweat been a black man - Sharpton and his race baiting agitator of a goon squad would be at it again. Note, I am not commenting about black people in general, I am only commenting about scum like Sharpton and all the race baiters and agitators out there who scream bloody murder if an officer shoots a black man. It truly is a sad state of our society not only that I am thinking along those lines but that in almost all probability I am right.

By the way, I think the trooper did one heck of a bang up job (no pun intended) as did the border patrol agent who shot down and killed Matt. Law enforcers involved in this mess did what they were supposed to have done, doing their jobs in the face of danger, risking their lives all the while during the search, and relentlessly tracking down these dirtbags. I tip my hat to them and give them my thanks. 

Hopefully the officers involved in the shootings will at least get needed counseling through their jobs because if they were brought up at all in the Judeo-Christian ways or just to be good citizens - they are going to need it. I wish I could buy both of those officers a steak dinner and a beer or three, they deserve that too.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Woman With Her Finger On The Trigger...

...and this time it could not be more appropriate - wouldn't you say! Yes, she seemingly is at some sort of firing range. She looks about to take a shot - which is usually the only proper time to have your finger on the trigger.

As usual, this image was posted here for firearms safety education and for no other reason. Why else would I post a pic like that here anyway!

Just figured I get this one in before vacuuming the basement.

All the best,
Glenn B

Been Doing A Lot Of Almost Nothing Today...

...and that has kept me busy enough not to bother posting to the blog. Shame on me but I paid some bills, went through a bunch of paperwork, mostly old credit card and ATM receipts that I had been saving and threw out most of them, got a Pentax K1000 camera that I sold on Ebay packed for shipping, contacted the apparent buyer of my NEF Pardner shotgun to make arrangements for a drop off, contacted the buyer of a magazine I sold via GunBroker, listed another gun for sale - a Winchester Model 37 shotgun (on a local gun forum), cooked dinner (well, I grilled some lamb chops), and other boring and useless stuff like planning to do this or that.

One bit of planning was for a possible trip to Hannibal, MO to hook up with a buddy who lives out in WY. I hope he wants to do it, have not seen him in way too long. Why Hannibal? I figure why not but mostly would like to visit the childhood home of both Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn AND while not right in the middle between us it is close. It would make me drive about an additional 200 miles each way as compared to my pal but that would be ok by me. I'd also like to try to catch one of those legendary Mississippi River catfish. Like I said, I was doing a lot of nothing but it took time, yes it took up almost the whole day until now.

Now it's time for a wee dram of shine and a beer. Then maybe I'll really do something to clean up the man-cave a bit, like vacuum it. Talk about useless shit.

More posts to come once I decide there is no more useless crap to do other than blogging.

All the best,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sold A Gun...

...the first one I have sold in awhile, that being my New England Firearms Pardner single barreled 12 gauge shotgun.
Well, maybe it is premature to say I have sold it already but the auction it was in has closed and the high bidder bid $125 on it. My lowest acceptable bid was set at $85. I am quite satisfied with that sale price and if the sale goes through to completion I will be a happy camper. I may even be able to save the buyer some money by delivering it to his FFL instead of shipping it and charging him the $40 for shipping and handling that I specified in the item description. He lives about an hour away from me, and if he is willing to cough up $20 for gas and tolls, I will deliver it to his FFL if possible. Of course, that is if he wants me to do it that way. There is no way it is not going through an FFL, at least for the required NICS check; although, since it is a private sale, I do not think it needs the transfer paperwork if we do it in person. If I ship it though, he will pay not only shipping but also a transfer fee plus the NICS check fee because there in no way I am shipping it to anyone but an FFL.
Whatever, if it goes through, I will have paid some of the $577 that I just spent at the Hessney Auction earlier this week. I also sold a Pentax K1000 camera on Ebay, only $20.50 but it is more to add to the pot. A few more items sold and I will have made it all back and can attend their next auction in August - maybe.

I miss the gun already and seller's remorse is creeping up on me once again but being able to pay off the guns I just bought is an overriding factor this time around.
All the best,
Glenn B

While I Don't Have The Balls To Be The Test Case...

...the logic behind what is being stated in this linked article is almost flawless except it has nothing to do with license but everything to do with our right to bear arms. I think it is not a nationwide concealed carry with which we should concern ourselves but a nationwide right to keep and bear arms; then again maybe it is the privilege given by a license  which we should target here as Amendment XIV does speak of privileges and not of rights and the two are vastly different.

My bet is that some who reads that article will indeed offer himself or herself up as the test case by parading through a place like NYC or Chicago while openly armed. Time will tell and so too will the quality of the lawyers who make up his or her defense team. The Supremes have opened a can of worms for themselves from everything from gun control to marijuana use to assisted suicide.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, June 26, 2015

Yet Another Woman With..,.

...who cares:

 I must say, I have been to several junkyards in my day and never saw anyone in any of them that came close to her!
All the best,
Glenn B

One Down - One To Go - U.S. CBP Agent Reportedly Shoots & Kills Richard Matt

I am guessing if he or she was an agent (or if they were agents) from CBP, then it was a Border Patrol Agent or agents, from a rapid response team that came in by helicopter, engaged, shot and killed Richard Matt. It took place in a remote section of Franklin County, NY near to the cabin where at least one of the escapees' DNA was discovered and about 30 miles from the prison from which they escaped. Reportedly, a man driving a camper realized he was being shot at by at least one of the two escapees (apparently trying to hijack his camper) and hightailed it out of there and called 911. (Source 1 and Source 2, source 2 had a good video of Gov. Cuomo explaining what happened.)

By the way, LEOs may have also engaged Sweat as additional gunfire was heard ,after Matt was killed, while the officers were searching for Sweat. I cannot imagine that he will just surrender  with what he would face if returned to prison probably life in solitary). I am hopeful that when they find him they are able to either capture him or take him down swiftly without fatality or injury to civilians or any of those LEOs involved.

This is what law enforcement should be doing, hunting down and arresting or shooting down crazed killers - not shooting down unarmed men for running away. These are men and women who deserve our respect and who earn every penny they are paid.I must say, this brings up a bit of Border Patrol pride within me as that was how I started my career but right now just a bit because who knows who shot him at this point regardless of what they are saying. 

All the best,
Glenn B

I Have Been Dealing With Verizon...

...for hours today trying to upgrade a standard definition box to high definition and also to order a new 2 year contract but specifically without losing any channels. I first called them and asked for the location of the nearest Verizon store and was told, no I wasn't told, it was demanded that I give the Verizon phone representative my PIN or my account number because she said I could not get the store address without those. Then she said I could give her my phone number and when I told her I had just keyed into my phone number when I first got through to Verizon's automated answering system she told me I had to give it to her or give her the other info she had just demanded. I got pissed more than I have been in a long time and cursed her out and hung up. I regret doing so but truthfully she was a snit and deserved it.

Then I went onto Verizon chat. I ordered the new set top box in HD. Then the rep told me that if I ordered a 2 year contract, I would save $20 per month off of my current bill. I made it absolutely clear, I would not do so if I lost any channels and she told me everything would be the same except that my Internet speed would be increased (I have TV, Internet & phone with them). Got it all done then saw in the confirmation email that it said I was dropping some services and the new rate shown amount to about $40 - $45 or so. I checked back with Verizon and was told I was going to lose several channels like Starz, Encore and others under the new contract. I was told I could cancel without penalty and then that she could not cancel it and I wuld have to call another department to do that. So I made that call and spoke with a guy I am guessing was in Pakistan or India. He supposedly cancelled the new contract but only after first mistakenly cancelling the order for the set top box. He also supposedly reinstated that order. That was about an hour ago.  I have not yet received a confirmation email for the cancellation even though it only took mere seconds to get a confirmation email saying the order had been placed. I have been in Verizon chat with a Verizon representative for 33 minutes now and he just asked if he can have a supervisor call me. I am awaiting that call.

I just got that last period in the above paragraph when my phone rang. It was the supervisor. I guess I was on the phone with her for at least 45 minutes. She was quite pleasant and she figured out where al this was going reference me losing channels with the new contract just ahead of me getting to it. She was on the ball and she checked everything including to see if the contract had been cancelled by the guy to whom I had spoken to cancel it. Instead of finding it cancelled, she said it went through as we were speaking to one another and no matter what we do now such as me just keeping the service I had all along, I will lose the channels that I was assured (by the woman with whom I placed the order) I would not lose.

On the bright side, the supervisor told me she could have someone else get back to me tomorrow (and here comes the bright part) if I could wait for her to call me on Monday when she gets back to work after the weekend. I opted to wait and will speak to her because 1) she was very professional, courteous and nice, 2) she was fairly knowledgeable 3) if she did not know something, she said she did not know it and checked on it for me 4) she had a full understanding of the problem, 5) she told me she would assure an approximate price range that would indeed save me about $15 to $20 a month and I would wind up with the Verizon HD Ultimate package, Internet and phone and my channel lineup would not decrease but would increase markedly and 6) She told me that what the first rep told me about her needing my PIN or account number to be able to give me a Verizon store address would have pissed her off too..

Hopefully it will all work out on Monday. As for the five Verizon reps I dealt with today, at least the first two - the one on the phone initially, then the one in chat and then on the phone who placed the orders for me, I think they fit the bill for this perfectly:

The supervisor, she was more like this:

I hope she seems the same come Monday.

All the best,
Glenn B

BS Meter Overload

A hat tip and my thanks to Jim Mc for this one.
All the best,

What Is Good For The Goose... good for the gander or in this case what is terrible for the American people should have to be likewise for SCOTUS.

A bill has been introduced that would force all nine justices and all of their staff members to fully participate in Obamacare. It sounds like the scales of justice would be well balanced if the bill passes and becomes law. More here.

A hat tip and my thanks to Pete Q for the link.

All the best,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oh No, Not Again In Maryland,

Cops in Owings Mills, MD, while responding to a domestic disturbance type call, wound up shooting a black suspect and it has been reported that the police said they thought he had a weapon. They also reportedly said that he had been in a "defensive position" (source). If that is what they actually said, they, in my opinion, certainly used a poor choice of words apparently as to articulate one of the reasons they shot him. I would think one would believe that someone was in an offensive stance, as in posing imminent harm to me or others, that would cause me to shoot him and that I took the defensive position while acting in self-defense. Maybe that's just my way of thinking or maybe police shooting justification has changed over the years since I retired or maybe it is simply that they are not cunning linguists but were trying their best to be so.

I am guessing that even though the guy seems to have been a real piece of dirt kind of a guy (based on what I've read), all hell will probably break loose again once the media posts pics of him as an innocent looking 12 to 16 year old. Don't misinterpret my meaning, I am 100% against unjustified shootings and if this one was indeed unjustified then I say go after the cops. However, if it was justified, then give them some well needed time off to recuperate with pay before putting them back in the grinder. The real point of what I just said though is that I expect the media and the race baiters to fan the flames yet again to make this person look like an angel whether he was one or not and to make the cops look like evil racist white men whether two of them are or not (the third one will probably be portrayed as an Uncle Tom since he is black) and the agitators will hit the streets and incite violent protests, looting, arson and riots. I just wish that we could all sit back and wait for an investigation to be at least undertaken for a few days so we can look at some facts logically instead of condemning or supporting anyone of either side with the full force of our raging emotions. Of course, that would not make good news so, my bet is the media will be fanning those flames as much as they can get away with it.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Gun Safe Shopping Timing Sucks

I found a 14 gun fire resistant gun safe on sale at Walmart around a month ago. Had seen it before at a slightly lower price also from Walmart but that was over a year ago. The price last month was $350 (actually $349 something but I cannot recall the amount of additional cents). Today, I went to Walmart's site with the intent of buying one. I was not only amazed but pretty shocked to see that today's price for the exact same safe (yes I triple checked the model number) was $658.20. If it wasn't for shitty luck, it seems I would have almost none at all. Man, my timing sucks.

I sent Walmart an inquiry to see if maybe the wrong price was listed or if it is the right price to find out if they expect a future price drop. With my luck though, I doubt their reply will contain good news.

I was able to find it at one other website for $399.99 and would have considered buying it from them but again Mr. Murphy stepped in because they do not ship, they only do in store pick-up and the closest store in that chain is in Ohio. I am not about to drive to Ohio for a gun safe. I guess, I'll just keep looking.

All the best,
Glenn B

Yet Another Woman With...

Well, certainly not with her finger on the trigger!  As you can see her finger is off of the trigger as it should be.

As usual, this image was posted here for firearms safety educational purposes and nothing else. Why else would I post a pic like that here.

All the best,
Glenn B

So Much For Site Meter

It's time to remove Site Meter from my blog. It was down there all the way at the bottom. What it did was kept track of how many visits my blog got from others in the USA and around the world and also let me know things like which posts got the most hits and such. It was nice to know how many people visited and which posts attracted the most visits and was fun using their world map to see the locations of the last 50 hits on my site but all that is worthless when Site Meter is for some reason no longer recording, or at least no longer notifying me, of how many visits there have been to the blog. That has been ongoing since sometime on June 22 when the last hit was recorded by Site Meter.

On the other hand, Blogger also supplies statistics for my blog. According to Blogger, I have received somewhat more than 400 visits a day. Blogger calls them page views and to be quite frank I am not sure about the difference but believe that a visit is when an individual views my site for the first time in the day with subsequent visits from that same individual not being counted and a page view is the number of views counting both the first view by an individual and all subsequent views by the same person. At least that was how I think Site Meter did it, I have no clue if page views are thought of the same way on Blogger. Anyway, the way I am thinking of it is that if you view my site at 10AM, then again at 3PM and again at 9PM - Blogger would count that as three page views whereas Site Meter would have counted it as one visit. Whatever, Site Meter was saying I had about 140 or so visits a day and Blogger is saying I have had over 400 page views a day. Funny though that Site Meter never showed anywhere near that many page views (yes they also tracked them); they usually showed I had 200 plus and Blogger is showing more than 2x that amount. Regardless of how they do it, or whose is more accurate, Site Meter is just not doing it anymore. So I may have to depend on Blogger keeping track of my blog stats.

Now, I wouldn't have minded keeping Site Meter. In fact, I prefer some things the way they do it - like their world map that shows the location of the last 50 visitors. Their free application was supposed to show up to the last 100 visits but in truth it never showed more than 50, at least for me. I have not figured out if I can do that ion the map from Blogger but it does not look like it. I also liked being able to pull up viits by entry page. Blogger's stats seem much less interactive than were Site Meter's. The trouble with Site Meter though is not just that it is not showing visits to my blog any longer but that when I tried to visit their Knowledge Center and when I also tried to use their Submit Support Request link all I got was this:

"Internet Explorer cannot display the web page"

There was one more link below them, Upgrade Account. Me being the cynic that I am, I tried that link too, figuring it would be the only one of the three to actually work in as much as I thought the one giving them money for a paid subscription would be most important to them. This is what I got then:

"The page cannot be found"

I am guess that maybe Site Meter has gone belly up or is otherwise having problems that has brought their operations to a halt. Since I can still view old statistics on Site Meter, I am guessing they have pulled the plug and called it quits and just left everything in place that was already there. That's all just guesswork because I have no way of checking via the links they supply.

Just an aside here, the last person recorded by Site Meter as visiting my blog was from Maine. Here is the info that Site Meter supplied about that visit:

Domain Name ? (Network)
IP Address 65.175.253.# (Metrocast Communications)
ISP MetroCast Cablevision
Continent : North America
Country : United States  (Facts)
State : Maine
City : Shapleigh
Lat/Long : 43.5489, -70.8444 (Map)
Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinNT
Browser Mozilla 6.3
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko
Javascript version 1.5
Resolution : 1366 x 768
Color Depth : 24 bits
Time of Visit Jun 22 2015 7:32:15 pm
Last Page View Jun 22 2015 7:32:15 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 14
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page
Out Click  
Time Zone UTC-5:00
Visitor's Time Jun 22 2015 4:32:15 pm
Visit Number 304,339

Sadly, I am pretty sure that Blogger does not supply any info as detailed did Site Meter. Site Meter's free app supplied lots more information than Blogger as well. Since they are not currently doing it though, it's adios Site Meter. Hopefully they will fix the problems and I can return to them later on. If not, then maybe I'll be able to find another site that supplies pretty detailed statistics for blog visits to amuse me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Undeniable Proof That Leftists Reign As Mayors In USA...

...or at least among the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Read that proof here.

Anyone who could elect that moron (my opinion of her) to lead a mayoral conference is out of his or her mind.

All the best,
Glenn B