Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Never Made It To The Theater...

...because I was waylaid by my desire for a cold cider. I just headed straight to the pub.

Damned good too.

All the best,

A Hat Tip To

I have got to hand it to, they make an effort to get things right when it comes to disputes between sellers and buyers. That is how it turned out relative to an auction of a shotgun I was offering when the transaction went bad. I was not going to leave any feedback for a buyer who did not meet my terms and conditions of the sale and who sent me a partially illegible FFL then did not send a better copy. Had he sent me a good copy, all would have went well but he kept having excuses for not keeping in touch in a timely fashion and then for not sending a completely legible copy of is dealer's FFL. I was not even going to leave feedback but then the bastard guy had the nerve to leave me bad feedback saying he could not satisfy my demands and tooting his own horn saying he had always had 100 positive feedback as if that was a reason for me to bend over backwards for him and allow the poor copy of the FFL he sent. I fired negative feedback right back at him annotated with the fact that I had copies of every email he sent and of the FFL among other documents. Somewhere in there I filed a claim for a refund of the seller's fees for my auction listing and for the final value fee.

It took awhile, close to a month I am guessing, but GunBroker refunded me the fees and removed the negative feedback that the 'buyer' had left for me. I am once again in the 100% positive feedback class. As for the so called buyer, I checked his feedback and the negative comments I made about him remain. So, it wasn't like GunBroker acted like our educational system where everyone passes or our kids' sports programs where everyone is a trophy winner, but they actually figured out who was at fault and who was not at fault and then corrected the situation in accordance with their finding to penalize the one who was wrong and to accommodate the one who was right. That is good business practice.

figured it would work out in my favor if only because I had everything documented, that even though they never asked for the documentation. I suppose they could pull up all of the emails between me and the 'buyer' since I sent mine through my GunBroker account and I am guessing that was more than enough to prove my side of the issue.

I give my thanks and tip my hat to and to the folks there who handled the dispute. Now I hope the new dispute I filed today goes as ell, I had another so called buyer who has not sent either his FFL or payment and who apparently refused to answer my inquiries as to whether or not he still wanted it. That shotgun, yes it is the same gun in each case, has been proving itself a real pain to sell. Funny thing is that I just sold a Remington model 241, also through GunBroker, and it went without a hitch. Maybe the shotgun is cursed.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's GOB Night Tonight

There will be a Girls Only Bash (GOB) night at my house tonight and I have been told by she who must be obeyed, at least sometimes, that I must vacate the premises.  The last time she held one of these female bacchanalian-like fests, I remained at large in and around the house. That may or may not have been a mistake but regardless of which it was I will find somewhere else to be tonight.

I was thinking of going to the movies. I have not seen a movie, in a theater, in about 5 years or more (actually more as I just checked IMDB and the last one I saw came out in 2008). I got up and walked out on that movie because it sucked. It was a remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, this one with Keanu Reeves. While I like a lot of stuff I have seen him in, this one was possibly one of the worst movie remakes I have ever seen.

Anyway, I decided to search out any sci-fi movies playing in my local theaters. There were not many listed but one caught my eye: Jurassic World. I liked the other, what was it, three of them. The first was the best but the others were okay for sequels. So, I tuned in the trailer for Jurassic World on my laptop. Watching a minute or two of it convinced me to either select another movie to see or to do something else like go to my local gin mill to have dinner and maybe get sloshed. Of course, I could go to a movie and then to the bar. The thing is, I wanted to see a good sci-fi movie but I just can't imagine that Ant Man, Pixels, The Fantastic Four, or The Avengers - Age of Ultron would be my cup of tea.  Movies about superheroes and video game characters are not usually my type sci-fi; I much prefer something along the lines of The Thing From Another World, Them, Alien, Predator, Terminator, The Day The Earth Stood Still (the 50's original), Jurassic Park, Serenity, Prometheus or The Fifth Element. I think a sci-fi movie tonight is out.

That does not mean I won't see a movie in a theater tonight. I also was a Man From Uncle fan, way back in the day, and also have enjoyed my fair share of Sherlock Holmes movies and shows. Either one of those might temp me to pay a small fortune to get into a theater tonight. If I do choose to see one of them, I suppose I can drink it off later if it sucked. If I like it, who knows, I may visit a theater again within half a decade. Either way, I think I am almost assured a stop at my local pub sometime tonight.

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I Just Don't Get It

For the life of me, I just don't get the use of the burlap! I suppose maybe a tie on the bottom broke or something like that but burlap!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Next Time I Go Hiking...

...I am going to pay a heck of a lot more attention to rock outcroppings.

All the best,

The DNC Disgraces Itself In Its Blatant Disrespect For American Veterans

Leave it to the DNC to have, as its only photograph on its Veterans and Military Families site, a picture of foreign military veterans. I wonder what numbskull was responsible for that blunder. As reported by the website Military Times:

"Until Thursday, the Democratic National Committee’s “Veterans and Military Families” website had as its only picture a shot from White House photographers during President Obama’s visit to Warsaw in 2011.

The president had been cropped out, but faces of four elderly veterans wearing European-style military uniforms were visible above several paragraphs asserting the party’s “commitment to America’s veterans.” The Polish military’s White Eagle insignia was clear on the headgear of two of the veterans."

More here.

The lack of respect for the military and for veterans shown by the current administration is bad enough, we certainly don't need the Democrat Party mirroring him on that.

All the best,
Glenn  B


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ann Coulter - Smarter and More Patriotic Than O'Reilly By Far

She aborts the anchor baby fiasco espoused by O'Reilly and certain politicos with her research into Supreme Court decisions that rely on the true meaning of the 14th amendment. More here.

O'Reilly has once again proved himself little more than a leftist lover as far as I can see.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kilted To Kick Cancer - It's Almost Time To Kilt Up

This year, I have joined the Kilted to Kick Cancer fund raising effort. Basically it's a fund raiser for prostate cancer research. While I have made several donations in the couple or few past years, I have never before participated as a kilt wearing fund raiser. I guess that was because for some reason I could never see myself in a kilt. Even though I had battled stage 4 throat cancer and kicked cancer's arse, and even though a good friend of mine has battled a few bouts with prostate cancer, I just could not bring myself to do it. Then, earlier this year, I got another big scare. The docs suspected I had prostate cancer and all I could think was oh shit not those treatments again, just lower down this time. I swear, I would never wish chemo and radiation treatments (seven weeks of the highest doses possible of the latter) on my worst enemy. Hell, I even would not have wished it on Osama bin Laden and the things I could have done to him would make you cringe. Luckily for me, the biopsy was negative. Not as lucky was my friend who had to undergo his third round of treatments for his prostate cancer. He came out of it okay but this time they did surgery to get it. That was it, those two things, knowing my good friend was suffering and the fear of getting it myself and going through hell again, were what it took to get me kilted.

Yes the darned kilt is so new it still has the tag on it.
I hope you can see, I mean business and am ready to
make the effort to once again help kick cancer's arse.
My legs have not seen the sun in years. That was because of a sunburn thing more so than the warning from my radiation 
oncologist not to expose myself to the sun much after he had broiled me with radiation but that has had something to do with it too. Yet, they will be getting some sun next month because everywhere I go, I will be Kilted To Kick Cancer. I am doing that with the hope that it will help me to raise funds, through my team - Team Glenn B,  for the 2015 Kilted To Kick Cancer fund raiser that takes place from September 1 through September 30, 2015.  So, I ordered a kilt, a belt, some shirts, and will be ordering at least one more kilt shortly. I will be wearing my kilts each and every day during the month of September come sunburned hell or high water (or even cold updrafts). Yeah, I know, it's not a traditional kilt but since when have I been traditional. The one I am pictured in above is one is a 5.11 Tactical Kilt, it's hard to do anything without influence from the LEO and LE Firearms Instructor spirit within me even though I have been retired for three years now. 
Regardless, isn't tactical the way to face cancer and win the battle - I think so!

As for all of you, potential donor's by way of my team, there are a few good reasons to donate. First of all is the little known fact (at least I had not known before I started donating) that prostate cancer kills as many (or almost as many - stats may have recently changed) men as breast cancer does women yet as far as I am aware does not get the same publicity nor nearly the same amount of funding.

More facts below:

Prostate Cancer Facts:
  • About 233,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2015.
  • Nearly 30,000 men will die of prostate cancer in 2015.
  • About 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.
  • More than 2.5 million men in the United States who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point are still alive today.
  • Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer.
  • About 1 man in 36 will die of prostate cancer. (Source and a good read about this all at the various links to other article in his blog about KTKC.)
It would be a good thing if we could beat prostate cancer's arse into the dirt and donating toward prostate cancer research is one way to help. A high percentage of the raised funds will go toward that research, the remainder goes toward fund raising efforts. See this link for info about how the funds were allocated in 2014.

Another good reason to donate is that you will be showing support for the effort made by those of us who will be out there in September wearing kilts and urging men to get tested for prostate cancer. Make it worth it for us to be out there getting our shins sunburned or our junk frost bitten by cold updrafts every day (September weather can be fickle).

A third reason to donate is that there will be incentives, at least if you donate through Team Glenn B.  I am planning on a prize giveaway for those who donate via my team link on the donation site (link is below). For every multiple of $5.00 that any donor gives through my team, I will throw a chance in that donor's name into the hat for some prizes shortly after the 2015 KTKC fundraiser has concluded (in other words, I will do that in the first week of October). Prizes to be announced throughout the month of September. If anyone would like to donate a prize for me to offer, please shoot me an email.

Another and maybe the most tempting reason (at least for some of you) to donate, at least through Team Glenn B, will be that if you make a single donation of $100 or more, I will dunk my junk (while kilted) for each such donation made and present video evidence of me having done so on my blog (and or YouTube and or Facebook). Yes, I do mean dunk my package in ice water. Note: dunking will be limited to one dunk per day, for any day on which a single $100 donation or more is made, regardless of the number of donations of $100 or more are made that day through my team. I figure once a day, to dunk, is more than enough. However, if a day winds up with two such donations, and the next day is absent a donation in that high an amount, I will dunk again on the second day and so forth. If figure I could take those chemo treatments along with seven weeks of radiation set at super-high broil - I can take a little cold for this cause in trying to get you to donate more.

Speaking of prizes, each person who participates as registered fund raiser will have a chance to win some truly excellent prizes that have been donated by generous sponsors. The trick there is to be among the top few fund raisers. Beings it's my first year, I kind of doubt I'll arrive at upon that plateau but I am hopeful that my efforts will at least raise a sizeable amount of donations from my family, friends, associates, and acquaintances to make a difference in the fight against this terrible disease.

I am hopeful you will help out the cause by generously donating to the Kilted To Kick Cancer 2015 fundraiser and that you will donate through my team, Team Glenn B. This is the link to the donation page  but please remember in order to donate via a team, hopefully my team - Team Glenn B, please only do so from September 1st through September 30th. Also note that, because I registered kind of late, my team name will only begin to appear on the team list commencing August 31st. What you will need to do, if you plan to donate through my team (or ay other team) is to go to that link during the month of September, select the contribution amount, click contribute, then select the team name in the checkout screen. Anyway, that's how they told me it works. if you have any difficulty in selecting my team, please hold of on the donation until you contact me and I can get it straightened out.

One last thing, I know some of you will be wondering: 'What if anything does he have on under that kilt?' Let me answer it this way: I was told that if I wear anything under it, it's no longer a kilt but becomes a skirt. You can safely bet, I don't wear skirts.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Apologies - It's An Email Thing

So there I was without my laptop for just over a week and a half and what was I to do but be dependent on my new smart phone for things like email and surfing the web and staying in touch via email. All seemed well, at least until today. One would think, me at least being the one, that a smart phone would be smart enough to synch all of one's emails. Sadly, that evidently was not the case with my phone and thus another black mark against ATT and now Samsung too (since it's a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active phone). I only realized today that I had not received all of my emails on my phone while my laptop was being repaired. The reason I realized that is because I received an email today, referencing another one supposedly sent to me while I was dependent on the phone, that I never received on my phone. While I was certain of not ever seeing it on the phone, I decided to check anyway. There it was among all of my emails in my inbox when I looked for it while signed on with my laptop but there it as not when I looked for it on my phone. I looked in the spam folder and in the trash folder too but it was not there at all when connecting to my email account with my phone.

I wondered if it was a glitch that involved only that one email or if it also encompassed others so, I checked further. At first glance, it would appear that in the period of about 11 days approximately 50-60 emails went unseen by me because they were never displayed when I checked my account with my schmart phone. That lot included all sorts of emails from personal ones from friends and acquaintances, to updates to various online accounts, to ones related to purchases I made, to out and out crapola spam. My apologies to anyone waiting for a reply to their email(s) to me to whom I did not reply in a timely manner due to the glitch.

All the best,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Waitress / College Student Apparently Does Not Know The Meaning Of "Satisfied"

You would think that a waitress or anyone, who was attending college, would under the distinction between the words "satisfied" and dissatisfied" but apparently that is not the case with at least one NJ waitress. She reportedly served a group of 8 people who had to wait one hour for their meal to arrive. Instead of leaving a tip for their $112 dollar tab, one of them supposedly wrote "LOL" on the line on which you normally write the amount of the tip (source).

Somehow this was found to be news worthy, I imagine the waitress or someone with whom she shared her story must have contacted the media. Why a tip not being given would be news worthy boggles the mind, at least my mind but I guess she thought it was a big deal and had to spread the word and someone in at least one media outlet agreed.

What may be more newsworthy than her not getting a tip is the apparent fact that college students today, at least one college student anyway, apparently does not know the meaning of the word "satisfied". The article about the non-tip quotes the waitress as having said:

"I would have preferred a $0 tip than a "LOL" tip but, as a waitress, bad tips and harsh notes are all part of the job. Even though they did wait an hour to eat, they remained satisfied with filled drinks and proper notice that the kitchen was a bit busier than normal."

Sorry but the whole point of them writing LOL on the tip line, and then also writing "1 hour for food"next to that was to show their DISSASTISFACTION or in other words to express to the waitress that they had not been satisfied. The waitress can play her violin all she wants to garner sympathy from the masses but she gets absolutely none from me when she has the arrogance to think that the customers had been satisfied after a one hour wait for food no matter how many times she refilled their drinks. If she wanted to pitch a bitch about not getting a tip, then she should have done so with the kitchen staff and not by demonizing the diners.

Then again, she also gets zero sympathy for me relative to her moaning about her receiving a salary of only $2.50 an hour because she receives tips while she could have opted for a non-tipped wait position at over $8 an hour. If she opted to rely on tips, then she should have been back in the kitchen demanding that the food get out sooner to assure she got one. But the news report seems to indicate she may have done differently than pushing the kitchen staff to hurry it up, just read what else she was quoted as saying:

'We spend an hour or more of our time befriending you, making you laugh, getting to know you and making your dining experience the best it can be. We work hard, and we really do care.'

Sorry young lady but my waitress does not befriend me when I dine out and I do not expect one to do so. What you are saying, in my estimation seems to be, that you suck up to folks and expect them to tip you for that. Kissing arse is not good service, maybe it is about time you wake up to that fact and try instead to help assure that meals get served within a reasonable amount of time because had you done that then maybe I would agree that you really do care. As it stands though, I stand with the non-tippers but I would have done things a bit differently. Instead of merely leaving no tip, I probably would have gotten up and walked out, paying only for my drinks, by the time it hit 45 minutes.

All the best,
Glenn B


Monday, August 24, 2015

There I Was, In My Previous Post, Saying I Was Still Waiting...

...for my laptop to be delivered, and truth be told, it had been delivered already but my wife had not clued me in yet. So, when I went upstairs, there it was waiting for me. Seems it got here maybe 15 minutes before I posted my prior post. From what I can gather, they changed the fan, the battery and the base cover of the laptop.
Why they would change the base is beyond me unless they lost or broke mine when taking it off for the other repair.

They also installed a Core Temperature utility which apparently record the CPU's temperature. That is fine by me because my laptop is now out of warranty but the repair should have a 90 day warranty on it. So if it starts overheating again in that 90 days, I will have the temps recorded to prove it. That is a good thing. Of course, with my luck, it will start having the same overheating problem again on day 91. As it is now though, it's nice to have the laptop back and running well (for now) again.

All the best,

Still Waiting...

...for my laptop to be repaired and then sent back tome from HP. Seems like it has been forever and is almost as painful, figuratively, as waiting for Godot.

All the best,

Sadly - All Too Often - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Officer Down

LA State Senior Trooper Steven Vincent reportedly has succumbed to fatal wounds he received while trying to help a motorist out of a ditch. Instead of accepting the officer's help, the motorist identified as Kevin Daigle allegedly shot Trooper Vincent in his head with a blast from a shotgun. Passersby stopped their vehicles and one reportedly was able to wrest the shotgun away from him while others immediately subdued Daigle, restrained him with the fallen officer's cuffs, called for help on his radio, and also assisted Trooper Vincent until medical help arrived. Trooper Vincent, who was only 43 years young, later died from his wounds while in the hospital; it is believed that two or three buckshot pellets entered his brain. He leaves behind a wife and a young son and at least two brothers who are also law enforcement officers.

According to published reports, after shooting him, Daigle told Trooper Vincent he was lucky because he would be dead soon. That piece of dirt also wound up in the hospital with what reportedly were minor wounds. He apparently had the audacity to smugly smirk for a photo taken of him while there. 

More here.

My condolences to his family, loved ones and brother troopers. I am not a religious man but have said prayers, first for his recovery and now for his family, in my own way. I ask you do likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 23, 2015

There I Was In My Previous Post...

... feeling good about catching three mice. That was until I saw this:

Now that would really make me feel good and taste good too.

All the best,

So Far I Am Winning - Today's Body Count...

... is three for me and zero for them. That is as long as those worthless bastards have not secretly used biological weapons against me.  Even if they have, at least I have killed three of them before they got me. It gave me a great feeling of satisfaction to see their limp and lifeless bodies.

In as far as that goes, I have done my family, neighbors, community and even my state and country a favor. If I can kill a few more before the day is through though, I will go from just feeling good about myself to being ecstatic. My mother-in-law may be the most pleased of all because she can't stand the sight of them, let alone deal with the fact that they have been trespassing on our property and have been so bold as to saunter around our yard and patio in broad daylight. She hates mice even more than she hates me!

With any luck, they were house mice (Mus musculus as I suspect and don't carry the hantavirus. Plague I might be able to deal with but the hantavirus scares the crap out if me. Then again, they could have been white-footed mice, their feet were partially white or at least the toes had some white. They carry the hantavirus and that could change who won today.

Anyway, three down and only the rest of them know how many more to go but there must be a lot of them with them being out and about in the middle of the day. I am going to enjoy every last snap of the trap and hopefully will get all of them before they find their way into our house. By the way, I use peanut butter as bait in the traps, it is phenomenally excellent as mouse bait.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Marines Were Blowing Their Bugles...

...because someone claimed it had been them but it wound up being a member of the U.S. Air Force and another from the Oregon National Guard along with a few civilians who beat the terrorist bastard into unconciousness on that train in France. I love our Marines but they can't always get the glory. 

All the best,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

If Even Half Of Us Think This...,

... the this being that we need to do away with the Bill Of Rights, then we need a revolution more than we did when the last one started back in 1775.

All the best,
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