Saturday, May 2, 2015

The American Flag - Disruptive?

So in essence said the ninth circuit of appeals and the Supreme Court has refused to take up the case thus rendering the 9th circuit decision as good as law (source).

Now that such is the case, let me start getting it out of my system right now, just days before the make-believe holiday of cinco de mayo. Fuck Mexico allowing their people to flee here non-stop and for not doing more for them at home, fuck Mexicans who are here illegally or who immigrate here knowing full well they will never become U.S. citizens because they hate America, fuck the Mexican flag being shown in the USA over the US Flag, and God Bless America and Old Glory. (That is purely my personal opinion and in no way shape or form effects my performance at work and or how I treat people while I am at work; I treat everyone fairly and with all due respect and then some while working.) Most of all though, fuck any American teacher or school administrator who forbids, prevents, or in any way hinders a school child from wearing apparel with an American flag emblazoned upon it.

Thank you America for all that I am and all that I have.

All the best,
Glenn B

An Answer To The Cold War Other Than Offered By Obama

He is such a pansy, in my opinion, that he is pretty much single handedly responsible for getting us into another Cold War with the Russians. Maybe we ought to send her to have it out with Putin. If we did, I would bet there would be no subs violating Finnish waters and no nuclear bombers invading U.S. airspace.
All the best,
Glenn B

Another Reason To Bear Arms - Cop Couldn't Help Even When Present

A NJ teacher reportedly was shot to death, by the father of her child (her baby daddy?), in front of her home. That happened even though she had flagged over a police officer on patrol who had been passing by. The officer shot and wounded, sadly not mortally, the man who just shot the teacher but not in time to prevent her from being shot and killed (source). If you can legally keep and bear arms, for self defense or defense of family and or to prevent or overthrow illegal tyranny, I believe you owe it to yourself to do so. If you cannot, then vote for someone who supports the RKBA.

If she had had a weapon and knew how to use it, she may have been alive today.

All the best,
Glenn B

Yes The Cold War Is Warming Up Again And Its Global

The Finnish military has dropped depth charges on what it believes was a foreign submarine in its waters. Guess whom the suspect nation violating Finnish waters would be - none other that the USSR Russians  (source). 

Who has Obama pissed off time and time again while at the same time, over and over again, showing them he is a spineless wimp? None other than the Russians. Cold War two is upon us thanks to Barack H. Obama, he cannot blame it on GWB and now it's warmed up globally! Global warming of a kind other than Obummer ever dreamed; this president is little more than a worthless and dangerous (to America) arsehat as far as I can see!

All the best,
Glenn B

Dealer Inquiry -

Any of my readers ever make a purchase from If so, how did it go? Thinking of making a purchase but wanted to check on them first as  have never heard of them before today. Thanks.

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There Is No Doubt Baltimore DA Should Have Recused Herself...

...from the Eddie Gray case, especially from the arrest and prosecution(s) of the six officers who have been charged in Mr. Grays death. And I mean, there is absolutely no doubt that she should have recused herself because of her close relationship with the Gray family's attorney and with her own husband being a city councilman whose political career may depend on actions she takes or does not take in this case. Mostly though, it is because of her connection to the Gray family attorney, who made large contribution to her campaign when she ran for office  that makes it absolutely inappropriate for her to prosecute the case against the officers. An impartial special prosecutor should be assigned. Otherwise, there will be credence given to the claims that the prosecution(s) of the officers is (are) nothing more than a politically and personally motivated witch hunt. Add to that the fact that the case was not presented to a grand jury and that one officer is charged with murder obviously only to make lessor charges more likely to stick an it looks more and more like a witch hunt every moment. Then again - with many of her own family members having been police officers, there is yet another conflict of interest over which she should recuse herself.

Note, I am not saying that it is probable that Mr. Gray died because of what officers did or di not do, and thus they should face charge, I am saying this is absolutely the wrong prosecutor to handle the case.

All the best,
Glenn B

Feds Reportedly About To Charge NY's Top Republican,...

... Dean Skills, for corruption charges (source). All I find myself thinking is 'whoopee - maybe they will put that friggin RINO away in jail for a good long time'. He is one of the RINO scumbags in NY that turned on Republicans and supported the secret nighttime passage of the NY SAFE Act. In my opinion, he is just about as equally unworthy of the public trust as was Joseph Goebbels.

The feds are also seeking to charge his son, I guess maybe the rotten apple does not fall far from the tree.

If Skelos is convicted I may just have to shoot off a few hundred rounds of ammo in celebration. One can only hope that Cuomo will be next.

All the best,
Glenn B

Obama's Cold War Warms Up Some...

...with the incursion of Russian Nuclear Bombers into Alaskan airspace. Source

Nice going Barack, you did something for which you cannot blame GWB - you heated up the Cold War all over again! It was not a fun thing to live through the first time around and this time I am wondering how our kids will face it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Everyone Can Be Forgetful Even In The Crapper

It's been reported that officials in Washington DC at the Capitol Building are fuming over reports that Capitol Police Officers forgot their loaded handguns in bathrooms and other places within the Capitol building. Actually, the article I read about it says the officers left them and I am the one saying they forgot them because I cannot believe they left them behind on purpose. Now, Congressmen are ranting for a full investigation.

Granted, officers forgetting their weapons somewhere, especially where the public has access to them (and one was found by a young boy) can have dire consequences. So, an investigation should be carried out and the officers who forgot them behind should receive some type discipline and maybe retraining in weapons safety and security. Yet, it need not be a matter of political opportunity for some Congressman to ingratiate himself in front of the public by blowing his horn over and over again about these incidents and wasting the taxpayer's money while doing so.

Here is about how the investigation and disciplinary process should go, in my estimation:

Gun is discovered by other than the person who forgot it, who then reports it. Bear in mind if person who forgot it remembers it and gets to it first, or if person finding it does not report it (for whatever reason), we might never know about it and believe me, I can say with absolutely no doubt, both of those happen.

Firearm retrieved or taken into custody by appropriate person.

Superior officers notified.

Officer to whom weapon was assigned called on carpet.

Officer told what was found and where it was found and to explain why officer's handgun was found in stall in bathroom.

If honest and intelligent, officer states that he took a dump and forgot the handgun in the rest room and it will not happen again. If there are medical reasons or emotional problems that led to forgetfulness, the officer should be required to seek medical or psychological assistance.

Officer reprimanded and disciplined based on this offense and past service record. Discipline could be anything from a letter of reprimand placed in personnel folder to days on the beach (no pay), to firing. If officer retains job, the officer should also required to attend training on firearms safety and security.

End of story.

Of course, we are apt to see this reported on again in the media because the current Capitol Police chief is under the scrutiny of Congress and has offered his resignation over the recent gyrocopter event a the Capitol. This is yet another thing they can roast him over if they choose to get rid of him. Congress critters will likely take every advantage of these forgotten gun incidents to advance their political agendas.

Now for those of you ready to bring up "the only ones" statement and say this proves police are inept when it comes to firearms, that is all so much flaming and I will delete any such comments if you make them. Anyone can forget even a firearm somewhere. That such is evident can be seen by how many guns the TSA confiscates from the carry-on luggage of air travelers. and by how many are found during traffic stops that were forgotten in the trunk or in the glove compartment during interstate travel. 

I know, I know, not one of my readers has ever left or forgotten a gun somewhere that it did not belong. I'll be honest and forthright and tell you all, I have forgotten one somewhere more than once. For instance, I got about halfway to work on at least two occasions only to very suddenly realize that I felt light on one side. It is a shock, I can tell you that. My sidearm had been left behind at home, instead of in its holster where it belonged for a day at work; I was running late for work and in a rush. I also left one in a motel safe, drove 60 miles, remembered it, drove back, retrieved it, and went back on my way. Wasted a lot of time and gas on that one.

I know of many such incidents like that having taken place, with other LEOs, during my 32 years in law enforcement. One guy in the Border Patrol worked for about half a day, then realized his gun was not in his holster. Thought he lost it chasing an illegal alien. After a search, he decided to drive home and check there. There was his revolver, in his apartment. I also know of one incident in which an agent left his gun in the stall of the men's room. About 20 minutes later, the agent, in a bit of a panic, rushed back to the men's room. There was the pistol, left right atop the toilet paper dispenser where anyone else who had wiped their butt would not have missed it. While it may seem as if no one else had used the stall and found that pistol, let me point out that there was a NY Times left behind by the person who had done his business in that stall after the agent who forgotten his weapon there (that newspaper was not there earlier I would swear to it). That person apparently thought better of reporting the weapon, probably figuring someone would come back for it. I also know of quite a few people not in law enforcement who have told me they have done likewise either forgetting a weapon at home or in the stall.

Funny thing is that most law enforcement and non-law enforcement firearms instructors, I have been instructed by, never even mention firearms in the lavatory, or what to do with them when so indisposed, to their student shooters. However, I have known some who do give instruction on how to secure and not forget a weapon when in that situation. One of the methods is to use the stall next to the wall and keep the pistol inside its holster - this works well if your pistol winds up on the same side as the wall. If you cannot get that stall, you can leave it inside the holster and twist the belt and holster around to be behind your foot making it difficult to grab by someone reaching under the stall. Others have said to place it inside your underpants down near the floor, so as to be sure not to forget it.

Wherever you place it, the handgun and you are in a compromised situation in a restroom stall. I like the idea of keeping it in the holster, and twisted the belt/holster around a bit for it to be behind my foot while so involved and next to the wall if possible. Note, I have instructed others about that option but note that since they were LEOs they all had to have holsters with retention devices other than retention by mere friction. I do not necessarily recommend this method if the holster you are wearing is a friction only type holster. In that case, you should try to figure out some other method of securing it and that will not lend toward an accidental discharge, dropping it when you rise, or forgetting it in the stall.

Placing it on the coat hook is not advisable (coat hook now inside trigger guard, gun easily accessible to anyone outside stall, also easy to forget). Placing it atop a flat and level toilet paper holder might be an okay alternative but you must remember to check to see if it is secure there and bear in mind - someone entering the next stall and banging the door shut could cause it to fall. Placing it atop a toilet tank (if there is one) can be okay if the top is level and flat but remember, now it is behind you and will be easier to forget. Always remember, you are handling a loaded firearm while in the stall, so try to assure it is always pointed in a safe direction if at all possible and that nothing gets into the trigger guard in contact with the trigger.

The truth is though, shit happens and it is a fact anyone can be forgetful in the stall even when it comes to a firearm. If you want to be less likely to ever forget it, then formulate a plan of how to secure the gun while in the stall and then actually train yourself by practicing it over and over again - you may want to use and unloaded or rubber training firearm toward that end (no pun intended). Just like anything else with firearms training, it requires repeated practice and even then may never be perfect but will be a lot closer to keeping your weapon secured and you and others safe.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Six Police Officers Arrested In Baltimore Will Have Their Day In Court...

...and so it apparently should be in the case of Freddie Gray's death. I consider the injuries to and death of Mr. Gray as highly suspect at the hands of the 6 officers who have been charged so far, but they are innocent until proven guilty if ever so proven. Yet, to have charged all six of them, who were in some way involved, seems little more that a political hatchet job. Don't get me wrong, I think one or more likely guilty but all six? They have not been proven guilty although my guess is all six will be rail-roaded even if not guilty because of so called political correctness and any idea of them having a fair and just day in court has already all but been destroyed by the media hype, the riots and the obvious political agenda. Why do I think that way? Read more about that here and pay attention that not one of them has been accused of actually doing anything specific to Mr. Gray that would have caused his fatal injuries. It may come out later but it sure hasn't yet.

Anyway, the thing I want to know and that NOT ONE SOUL IN THE MEDIA OR BURAUCRACY (or even on the defense team) seems to have to wondered is what do the initial hospital reports have to say! If Mr. Gray came into the hospital with a severed spine - why have we not heard from the hospital on that or at least from investigators about it. As far fetched as it may seem - is it possible he arrived at the hospital in distress but without his cervical spine already having been partially severed and maybe an accident at the hospital caused such. I would like to at least hear that positively and absolutely ruled out before condemning the officers even though my bet right now is that at least one of them caused, directly or indirectly, the fatal injury to Mr. Gray.

However, it certainly would not be beyond the realm of possibility that the injury could have been sustained after he arrived at the hospital and then certainly would not be beyond imagining that hospital staff would try to cover it up. Note, I said not beyond the realm of possibility and made no mention of probability. Anyway, as I said - even cops so accused - whether guilty or not - get their day in court just like anyone accused of a heinous crime.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Problem Is Not Racial - It Is Leftist Liberalism...

...and those on the left would like you to believe it is a problem promulgated by whites to shift the blame from themselves to others. I could never say that as well as does Allen West here.

As Michael Savage has said - and has been saying for a long time - liberalism is a disease!

My thanks and a hat tip to Pete Q for that link.

All the best,

Cooks Crooks

Just gotta love the sentiment! Source.

All the best,

Thursday, April 30, 2015

This Woman Has Talent

- Watch More Funny Videos Bounce

Yep, she sure does have talent, I rarely have seen another woman quite as talented when it came to sucking down a glass of suds.

All the best,

Do You Mean The Kids' Families Don't Feed Them

One of the most illogical things I have ever read was a quote of a woman who was blasting Whole Foods for supplying free lunches to the National Guard troops who were called out to protect lives and property in Baltimore. This is what she posted on Twitter:

 "As Baltimore's poorest kids are left hungry due to school closure (no school lunch), @WholeFoods feed the oppressor." Source.

There is absolutely no logic in what that woman tweeted as far as I can tell. Calling the National Guard oppressors in this instance is ridiculous in my estimation. The people who are unjustifiably oppressing others are the ones who have been rioting and destroying legitimate businesses.

As for the kids going hungry - pardon me but I think that one of the most idiotic statements I have ever read. Why would the kids be left hungry? Would it be because their parents were to busy rioting to take the time to feed them? Or would it be that the parents spent their public assistance money on drugs and booze instead of buying food for their own kids? Any responsible parent would assure their kid was getting fed.

As for why the guardsmen were there in the first place, isn't that the fault of the rioters. No riots would have meant no National Guard troops being called in. That woman did not bother to slam the rioters - did she! Typical twisted leftist mentality is all I see there.

As far as Whole Foods and also the Five Guys restaurant that gave free food to the guardsmen, I tip my hat to them for doing some good amid all the chaos in Baltimore. Here is hoping all the guardsman remain safe while there. By the way, it would not surprise me in the least if some of the kids of those very same guardsmen were the ones missing a day at school.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If This Ain't Enlightening (at least it should be)

All the best,

Ever See Someone Bend Over Backwards To Shoot?

I have seen shooters at many ranges literally bend over backwards while they have been shooting. I've witnessed it with both handgun, rifle and shotgun shooters. I don't quite understand why anyone would assume such a position while shooting but am even more flummoxed as to why an instructor would allow one of his students / shooters to do so. Yep, that means I have seen instructors allowing it, even instructing shooters to take that stance. If you have any question as to the stance to which I am referring allow me to illustrate with the following photo of an attractive young lady who is shooting in just that manner, by literally bending over backwards:

Pleasing to look at maybe but definitely a
poor stance for shooting a handgun. Source.
What could make any handgun shooter (not just that model) actually bend over backwards that way to shoot is beyond me. It is uncomfortable, it puts unnecessary strain on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, hips and legs. It is sure to contribute to you shooting poorer than you would if you took a good stance with your feet and if leaned forward a bit, with shoulder and neck relaxed, which would also alleviate much of the additional stress caused by leaning backwards. That is also true not only for handgun shooters but for rifle as well as shotgun shooters.

There is a fairly brief tutorial, about three shooting stances, over at PoliceOne that you may want to check for pistol stances. I do not quite agree with everything they demonstrate but my disagreements are on minor issues. You would be much better off learning those basic shooting stances for pistol instead of shooting in a stance similar to the model pictured above.

One note, the stance they picture as the Weaver Stance, on PoliceOne, is not, as far as I am aware, the actual Weaver Stance but is the improved Weaver Stance (or even the Fighting Stance) which un-blades the body from an assailant. An image showing the actual Weaver Stance is seen below:

As opposed to the images at the PoliceOne
tutorial, you can clearly see the bladed side
portion of the body in this photo. Source.

Whichever stance you choose, I wish you safe and effective  shooting.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Predict Current Baltimore Mayor Will Be Reelected...

...if she runs for reelection. I hope I am wrong but I'd make a small wager on that bet. Even if only half of the things in this article are true, and she is totally inept to be a mayor (as I imagine she must be after making the statement that authorities in Baltimore gave rioters space to destroy) then she needs to be ousted ASAP. Yet, I figure it is the same rioters who will vote her back into office as a sort of repayment for letting them go berserk and destroy part of the city. After all, if they did not hesitate to violate several laws by way of their violent criminal outbursts, what is to prevent each of them from voting for her many-many times if she runs again.

Personally, I think she needs at least a size 12 up against her arse to boot her out of office and into handcuffs. In addition, if what is being said is true, that she gave the police a direct order to stand down either before or when the rioting was taking place, I believe her, at least in part, to be personally responsible for every injury and piece of destroyed property. She should pay for property and medical expenses with her own dollars besides being arrested for something along the lines of inciting violence. Room to destroy indeed - I think she has got to be one of the biggest leftist idiots ever elected to office!

All the best,
Glenn B

Good Deal On 2015 BU Silver Eagles

I came across a decent deal on brilliant uncirculated 2015 Silver Eagles (U.S. $1.00 coins) from for $17.95 each, limited to ten coins. I ordered them immediately, not as an investment so to speak but as a failsafe should the economy collapse. I have a small stash of silver coins to that end. My order came to $179.50 for the coins plus $14.95 for shipping for a total of $194.45

Here is why that is a good deal. Ten of the same coins are currently (as I type) selling for:

$217.40, including shipping, if purchased from using a credit card as payment.

$221.25, including shipping, if purchased with a credit card from

$234.62, including shipping, if purchased from and a credit card was not an acceptable form of payment. Note that if  had decided to pay Kitco by one of those other forms of payment, I would have to pay by bank check/money order or by personal check or by bank wire. If I paid by bank check/money order there would be an additional fee at my bank, same for a bank wire (and that is a high fee) and if I paid by personal check I would have to wait for the check to clear before they would ship.

I paid with my credit card yesterday and they shipped my order yesterday, the same day on which I placed it. As you can see the savings was more than enough to cover the cost of a single coin. I am not sure if their prices on these coins are competitive if you decide to buy from them other than under this offering but this specific deal is a good one in my opinion.

So, if you are preparing for the worst, or just a coin collector, it might be wise investment.

All the best,
Glenn B


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Some Brooklyn Brewery Brews

Being Brooklyn born (at Evangelical Deaconess Medical Something or other) how could I not try a case of mixed brews from the Brooklyn Brewery. I kind of figured they would suck and I was kind of, sort of, somewhat right but I have to say I was also more wrong than right. I loved two of the four offerings in the case and one was passable; it was just one of the four that sucked. The case consisted of a six pack each (all 12 ounce bottles) of Brooklyn Brown Ale, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Pilsner and Brooklyn East IPA.

I tried a Brown Ale first. It, in my opinion, sucked. It was, without a doubt in my mind, one of the worst brown ales I have ever imbibed. Nuff said, nod, nod, wink, wink, know what I mean but if you want, go ahead and waste spend your money on it (bearing in mind that was my opinion of this swill brew and yours may differ).

Then I tried a Brooklyn Lager. It was pretty decent. Nothing special mind you, as far as I was concerned, but good enough so that I surely would drink it again without hesitation. I am not about to tell you it had a nutty flavor, enhanced by dingle berries, with a hint of apple-wood smoke or anything like those wine wussies tell you (and I like wine to but drink it because it taste good and gets me high and not because of fantasy bullshit illusionary flavors) but it was decent.

After the lager, I went next to the Brooklyn Pilsner and I was pleasantly surprised. It is not, the best pilsner I have ever tried, which has been and remains Pilsner Urquell (and I visited Pilsen in the Czech Republic just to try some of it there, it was wonderful there, on tap, just as it is here in bottles) but it is one heck of a good pilsner.

The last was best, the Brooklyn East IPA. If you have ever tried an IPA (as available in the USA) and thought it too strong tasting, why not try one of these. It is 6.9% alcohol by volume brew. Not as strong as some other IPAs but none too shabby in that regard. So, if you like IPAs, this is not too weak either. It was a pretty good IPA is all I will say, except for saying I liked it.

All are worth giving a try. I got mine at Costco and I suppose that the price there was much better than I would have gotten at a local distributor.

While writing this post and getting the links for the beers and the brewery, I found out that Brooklyn Brewery offers free tours on the weekends. I have already put the makings of a visit there in motion and expect I will soon be visiting it with my son and two brothers-in-law.

Finally, I'll note, I enjoyed the very last Brooklyn East IPA as I wrote this, it was delicious and hit the spot (as did a few moonshine cherries too).

All the best,
Glenn B


A Voice (or Pen) of Reason For All Sides In Baltimore... to be found in Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano. The man makes a lot of sense and I agree whole heartedly with virtually all of what he says. Read it here:

Let me just add this, in answer to the question posed by the title of his article - If the people were armed as the Bill of Rights enumerates we should be, then government would be much more hesitant to allow police officers to get away with murder in the name of Justice. Don't get me wrong, I am not slamming the police or law enforcement in general but I must say I am sick of the so called Blue Wall of Silence that allows for deaths like those of Freddie Gray to go unpunished because one bad cop cover for the crimes of another. Hear me on that, any cop who keeps his mouth shut and does not give evidence freely and truthfully, when he sees another cop commit a felony even if the victim of that felony is a dirtbag, is a bad cop and a criminal himself. Of course, maybe this was an accident but withholding evidence in such a case is just as bad. Just look at the results so far.

All the best,
Glenn B

Imagine Taking This Along As Carry-On Luggage

TSA agents would have conniptions!

 All the best,
Glenn B

Woman In Baltimore Dressing For Riots

Just saying, if she lives down that way, she could wind up being the best dressed and most prepared woman near the Baltimore Riots.

All the best,

Baltimore Burning - Screw That Here Is Some Real News

I am sick of cops all to often unjustifiably killing suspects, the ensuing protests that morph to riots, the looting, the arson, the assaults, the cries of racism by racists, the politicians seeking advantage in crises and so on.

So, I searched FoxNews for something really important and came up with this totally useless, albeit amusingly informative, piece of news about geekdom at its finest. And mind you, the guy who invented, and the those who addictively play with, study, adore and hold contests for Rubik's Cube are indeed geeks - or as we once called them - nerds, to the nth degree.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ammo Alert - 22LR

Dick's Sporting Goods has (or maybe had by now) 525 round boxes of Remington Golden Bullet Value Packs in stock today for $29.99. The round is a 22LR, brass plated, hollow point. There is a limit of one box per customer per day. I read, on a firearms forum, that is has been widely available at DSG, at least here in NY State, since yesterday. They have cases of it available but as I said only one box per customer per day.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Can Just Imagine The Traffic Nightmares...

...that the meeting of these two hypocritical sacks of turd has been causing in Manhattan and on roads to J.F.K. Airport. Makes me happy I don't have to drive in Manhattan today or on any roads passing the airport. I suppose that is just another benefit of me being retired.

All the best,

I Never Thought Of George W. Bush As A Great President...

...and in my esteem he was mediocre at most times and average to good at best; I believed him one of the most liberal or left leaning Republicans I have ever seen in the Oval Office. Yet, I firmly believe that he was/is a true patriot, that he had the best interests of America at heart and that included having good intentions toward our allies and an ass kicking attitude toward our enemies. All that seems very different with the current president, so different that it cries out to be strongly criticized by former presidents. Yet, GWB has kept mostly mum on what he thinks of Obama's policies and actions. 

That is until now. If this report is correct, President Bush has unmistakably and strongly criticized President Obama over his willingness to do a nuclear deal with Iran while at the same time putting our allies in the Middle East into jeopardy (thus also jeopardizing us). I know it is not customary for a prior president to strongly criticize a sitting president but I think it about time that he did so, after all - our National Security and that of the Middle East and maybe the world depends on countries like Iran not getting nukes. Regardless, it is about time that GWB gives BHO at least a little of what Obama has been shoveling onto Bush for years now.

All the best,

Buyer Beware Ther Are Some Crazy Gun Prices Out There

I visited a sporting goods store recently, one in which they sell hunting, fishing, boating  camping and hiking gear and supplies (among other things). I was like a playful kid in a toyshop, I couldn't keep my hands off of the rifles on the used gun rack. I picked up one after the other and admired each with a gleam in my eye and felt a tug on my purse strings each time I handled one of those beauties. I was looking for a Remington Model 8 in .35 Remington but sadly (and luckily for me) they did not have one. Had they one in stock, I likely would have been several hundred dollars poorer had I succumbed to my impulses or just in a poorer mood had I not bought it.

While I did not see one of them, I saw lots of other toys that called my name, especially those in 22LR. They all had a strong allure for me, from the mundane Marlin Model 60, to the very fun Ruger 10/22 with hardwood stock, to a Winchester model 25 to at least another dozen and a half that I looked at. There is a certain 22 I would have considered buying had they had one in stock and that is the Marlin Levermatic; I had one with some minor problems and sold it. While I don't really regret selling that one, I would like another in excellent condition. Again tough, sadly and luck for me - they did not have one. 
As for the rifles they did have, I did not bother looking at the prices on most of them simply because I was not about to buy any of them; however, I did notice the price on one of them. That one was a Ruger 10/22, apparently the standard model with the hardwood stock. They had a price tag on it asking for $279.00. I thought it must have been a misprint or that I had been mistaken in thinking it the standard model so I looked it over again. It was the standard model, without modifications, as far as I could tell. I literally scratched my head in wonder about the price on it. Yes, it was in very good to excellent condition, looked almost new - remember I was looking at the guns on the used gun rack - but it was used and they were asking for what I was pretty sure was more than the selling price of one brand spanking new in the box. Made me ask myself how anyone would buy a used one, at the price they were asking and also had me asking myself if gun prices had gone up that much recently to have made that a reasonable asking price for a used 10/22.
Right after looking at the Ruger 10/22, I picked up a Marlin Model 60, obviously somewhat of an older gun, with wood stock, in what appeared to be very good condition. Marlin has probably made tens of thousands of the model 60, if not hundreds of thousands of them. There was nothing special about that gun either except, I think, for the price. They were asking well over what I figured one would go for new but since I cannot recall the exact asking price that is all I iwll say about the price tag. Again though, I stood there in awestruck wonderment trying to figure out how they had the brass cojones to ask a price like the one they had on that Marlin Model 60; I was pretty sure there was no way in Hades that a used Marlin Model 60 was worth that much.

I have known since my first visit to that particular store, many years ago, that they have rather high prices on much of their merchandise. Yet, one can sometimes find excellent bargains there so I go back now and again and anyway. As for the bargains, I found none that were appealing to me but I did buy quite a few things that I needed and also bought some gifts for my family. 

As for the prices on those two rifles - normally, I would leave it at that but for some reason those prices continued to bore their way under my skin and annoy the hell out of me. Perhaps it was mostly me doubting my own knowledge of gun prices or just idle curiosity that had me check on those prices but regardless of the reason that is what I did just this morning. I went to the store's website and checked on their pricing for both a new Ruger 10/22 and a new Marlin Model 60. They had several Ruger 10/22 variations available but the standard model with wood stock was listed at $249.99. The Marlin Model 60 was only available with a synthetic stock and it was listed at $169.99 and let me just say here that the asking price of the used Model 60 was quite a bit higher than that. Maybe I was wrong, maybe those rifles on the used gun rack were special ones in some way, shape or form. Yet, I sure could not see what made them any better than standard models that were new in the box since they sure looked like used standard models to me.

Anyway, after checking on the prices for new ones, I did some head scratching again. Then I smiled due to a feeling of almost overwhelming contentment with myself. That was because it was at that moment I had realized - I had never bought a used gun from that store. I probably will never buy a used gun from them at prices like that either. That is not to say that I'd never buy a used gun from them. I might do just that if they offer one at a bargain or even a decent price.

As for you, you can do whatever you want with your money but I would recommend following the old saying: Buyer beware. You really need to know your gun values before buying a used or new one. Now, I am not trying to sway you one way or another on whether or not to spend it at any particular store, thus the reason I am not naming the establishment. I am just letting you know about what I saw there this past weekend that irked me like chigger boring into my hide until I got it out of my system by blogging about it today. As I said, you can spend your money however you want to spend it. Me though, if I wanted a Ruger 10/22, I'd buy a new one, probably for even a good deal less than the $249.99 they are asking, then I'd use the difference to purchase as much 22LR ammo as I could with it (which sadly isn't much as of late).

All the best,
Glenn B


Are You Likely To Get Burned For Your Macho Gun Signs, Bumper Stickers...

...and even the t-shirts you may be wearing. I have pretty much always frowned on displaying (to the public) anything that indicates a potentially perceived willingness to use lethal force, even those things that obviously were meant to be humorous. I don't hang signs on my fence or anywhere on my property that say things like: "I am armed, are you? Think about it before intruding." or Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again. Nor do I routinely wear any clothing that displays such sentiments as: "Two to the chest, one to the head, we like em alive but we'll take em dead" or "Gun Control Is Hitting Your Target" or "Make My Day" (with a pic of a 44 magnum).

I think my son believes that due to me being over cautious. Regardless, I find it quite prudent, especially since I carry on a daily basis, to avoid such things. I am more than willing to legally defend myself, my family or innocent parties, using lethal force, from someone about whom I have reasonable belief to think poses an imminent threat of serious bodily harm or death to us from which we believe we reasonably cannot retreat without being harmed. I don't want any overzealous prosecutor trying to frame me by making me look like some kind of a raving gun nut in the event I ever have to use deadly force against anyone again just because I wore a t-shirt indicating I might do so.

I am a responsible gun owner and am very willing to use deadly force if legally and justifiably called for. I also want to be able to defend myself from any legal claim, criminal or civil, that says I was not justified in using said force and that one of the reasons I used it was because I was predisposed to do. I do not need a prosecutor trying to claim that there were several pieces of evidence that sowed I had said predisposition - such as t-shirts I wore, signs I had posted on my property or bumper stickers I had stuck on my car.

You may think that all so much balderdash but the truth is that some prosecutors who are anti-gun, or just seeking easy convictions at any cost (including the cost of your freedom at the expense of their own dishonesty), will try to use those things to nail you to the cross. If you don't believe me, just watch and listen to this lawyer, a former prosecuting attorney, explain it:

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Here Is What I've Done Today...

...not that you would be interested but please allow me to say that retired life is great. So far, today, I:

Woke up at about 0530 and I am sure only because I was getting up each workday for the last few weeks at that hour.

Went right back to bed after taking a pee.

Slept until about 0730 and again went right back to bed after another pee.

Dragged my arse out of bed at about 0830.

Ate breakfast after I made it for myself. I had left over ham heated in a pan with butter until browned nicely on the outside, a couple of sunny-side up eggs, a couple of pieces of toasted Lithuanian bread slathered with butter and a couple of cups of Joe.

Signed onto the Internet during my second cup of Joe.

Sat on mine arse for hours at my computer during which time I read my email, paid some bills, looked up some stuff on my critters, blogged, placed a post on a reptile forum, did the Facebook things for a bit, looked over and read some of the news at (twice) and accomplished absolutely nothing of any great importance.

I also fed my critters, did some tank maintenance on my aquariums, had a shot of moonshine, looked at my email and the news again and farted at least once.

I definitively decided against going to Home Depot to pick up the first ten or so bags of lawn soil that I will need to kind of, sort of, just about flatten out the other half of my backyard before we have a garden fence installed.

I explained away my not going to Homer's to my wife and she agreed, I should wait until tomorrow. Maybe that was because I also did some dishes and folded some wash.

I think I also scratched my package a couple of times somewhere in there and I took another piss and a dump too.

Yes, I washed my hands several times.

Sat back down at the laptop for awhile again and did a lot of nothing.

Other than that, I gave a few gifts to the family that I bought at Cabela's yesterday, gave my brother-in-law the younger an overdue birthday present, petted the dogs, fed the tortoises and bearded dragons and the fish and newts again and maybe scratched my package again.

Before dinner, by maybe an hour or so, I cooked up some fresh baby octopuses (or is it octopi - or both) that came packaged with a few pieces of red and green peppers (hot ones, I think of both of them) and garlic and some tomato paste of one sort or another that was also in the package. I added some salt and pepper, cooked it all in olive oil and butter. I forgot the scallions I had also bought to add to the mix but did not forget the oyster mushrooms. It was friggin delicious! My wife ate some and oddly enough she really enjoyed it; so did my son.

We had dinner after that, roasted chicken and that was scrumptious too. Had another goodly sip of moonshine (did I mention the first one) and am now enjoying a Golden Monkey Tripel Ale (which certainly has become on of my all time favorites) as I blog this post. It is available at Costco at an excellent price. While I do not get anything for giving Victory Brewing Company and their products a plug, I sure wish, that in this case, they would send me a case or three - which I gladly would accept and so note here on the blog.

Just poured and a starting the second beer right now. Am contemplating another wee dram of moonshine.

Lest I forget, my son and I sampled the moonshine cherries that I started to soak last night. I have figured that if I pay $22 for a pint of moonshine and put half of it into a jar with three jars of maraschino cherries, instead of buying Moonshine Cherries also for $22 per jar, I will be better off. Why? Because it takes about four jars of cherries at $1.49 a pop, added to half a jar of moonshine to make up a batch thus leaving me half a jar of straight moonshine left to sip. You do the math. As for the cherries, they tasted alright but have not soaked long enough yet for the full effect. I figure that should improve drastically over the next couple to few days - at least if we can avoid eating them before then.

Not an interesting life - today or possibly any other day - but it sure is great being retired because I can do more of the same, which is pretty much more of nothing, just about any day. As long as the gout (and any other ailments) stay at bay, and the wife does not try to kill me for being a lazy bum, I am okay with it.

All the best,
Glenn B


You Shoot An Armed Home Invader...

...the police arrive on the scene. They tell you, who possibly had every right to shoot the invader: 'Police don't move, drop your weapon'. What you do next could either save your own life or cause you to lose it at worst or be injured at best. If you were in a similar situation, to this, what would you have done?

All the best,
Glenn B

Another Pic Of A Woman With Her Finger On The Trigger

What is it with all these woman, with their fingers on the triggers of firearms, when having their photographs taken? Hasn't anyone taken a moment to teach them the rules of firearms safety??? By the way, this photo posted for your education relative to firearms safety and nothing else - yeah right!

Anyway, I would not mind being her firearms instructor as I am sure most men would not mind one little bit.

All the best,
Glenn B

Road Trip To The Hamburg Reptile Show & Cabelas

I took a short road trip to Hamburg, PA yesterday to attend the Hamburg Reptile Show. Normally the trip takes about 2.5 hours, it took me about 3.5 due to traffic in NYC. Once there, I spent a few hours inside the Hamburg Field-House debating whether or not I should buy any of the wide variety of herps that the many vendors had on display there. I badly wanted to pick up four or five Blue Tailed Newts and a couple or few of Iranian Newts, that a certain dealer was offering but declined; more on this later. There were a lot of other dealers offering anything from venomous species, like Puff Adders, Pygmy Rattlers and Gila Monsters to those offering the more mundane (and safer) herps like Sulcatta Tortoises, Pixie Frogs, Colorado River Toads, Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons. There were also folks selling non-herp species like several types of tarantulas, scorpions, and rodents.

I debated not only on those newts but also considered picking up some guinea pigs, ducklings and rats (the last two as snake food and the first as potential breeders for a colony of cavies for possible people food); I declined despite badly wanting those newts. In fact, I declined getting all but one herp - a normal appearing ball python, obviously a 2015 hatchling but of large enough size to know it has been eating well. I got that not for myself but as a donation to the Long Island Herpetological Society's annual auction set for June 7th.

All in all, I had a great time there with only one bump in the road so to speak. As a quick suggestion to dealers (of anything), let me say that you really ought to be careful about what you talk about in front of your potential customers. I was about to purchase at least 5 of the Blue Tailed Newts (from a dealer with whom I have done business before) and two or three of the Iranian Newts. That would have amounted to about a $200-$250 purchase depending on how many I bought and depending on if I would get the 5 to 10% discount for which I was going to ask for buying multiple animals. Suddenly, without even acknowledging I was standing there for a few minutes already, his apparent partner (the other guy working his table anyway and someone I have never met or dealt with before) started talking about people who ask for a discounted price when buying a few to several animals from them. His partner called those folks several derogatory names including: " fucking assholes..." for trying to get a better price when they were offering a good price already. The other dealer, the guy I have dealt with before, heartily agreed.

Then the first guy ranted on and on for at least five minutes about such customers, all in a very negative manner, as I stood at their table looking at their offerings and listening to every word that this loud mouthed slob (who had food falling from his mouth while talking because he was stuffing sandwich into his mouth at the same time) spewed from his blowhole. The guy with whom I have done business agreed with him every time he blasted those 'fucking cheap assholes' and he threw in a couple of choice descriptions of his own. They both totally ignored me, the customer waiting to be attended to by them. In the past, I have asked for and received such discounts from that same particular dealer on some newts that I purchased from him.

It is standard operating procedure among most reptile & amphibian dealers to discount the price somewhat when a good number of animals are purchased at the same time. Yesterday though, I did not even inquire about such a discount since they were so busy slamming customers who asked for a discount. I was about to say something like 'Hey you peckerwood dickhead, I was about to ask for a discount on five or more of these Blue Tailed Newts and on two or three of the Iranian Newts here, does that make me a cheap fucking asshole?' . I decided that instead of getting myself all worked up, I would keep my blood pressure at a decent level and not fuck up my remaining time at the show. So, I just walked away and ignored them. 

That means I also left without spending a dime on their stuff; maybe thy can afford to lost a $200-$250 sale but I figure that is bad business. I would have to have been a true asshole to have spent one penny there, so as it turns out - the real assholes were the two guys behind the table bad mouthing customers. I am going to post the above note about the dealers on a reptile forum that I know the guy with whom I have dealt before will have a good chance of seeing it. Fuck him and his big mouthed asshole business associate.

Anyway, I had a good time at the show, probably at least in part because I maintained my cool (for once). Besides the one snake that I bought, I also picked up some supplies that I needed for my critters at home. Then I went to Cabela's.

Ah yes, that is what makes the trip to this particular reptile show more alluring than most to which I have traveled - Cabela's is only a 5 minute drive from the field-house. While at Cabela's, I truly enjoyed the museum quality display of stuffed animals taken by hunters.

I also enjoyed watching the decent variety of live fish they have on display in their spectacular aquariums. Of course, I also perused their merchandise. I spent $185 at Cabelas. Truth is, I had not anticipated spending almost anything there and at fist purchased only$27.00 worth of firearms related stuff that I needed, like some  Breakfree CLP and a box of ammo. That ammo was a single box of 100 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag 36 grain CPHP ammo. It was a lone box only because there was a one box per purchase restriction on them.

When I got to my car, I decided I would go back inside and buy another box of the ammo. Well, I did that but also wound up purchasing some needed items and some gifts for my family. As for the needed items, I picked up two LifeStraws (one each for me and my son) for our hunting trips. I also got some candied nuts for my daughter, a jar of Cabela's dry rub mix for my son-in-law, a couple jars of spicy mustards (for my brothers-in-law), a sweater for my wife, a two pound bag of sausage ends & pieces (for me, my son and whomever), a couple of shake & bake style boxes of buffalo sauce flavored chicken coating, a toy for my dogs, and a bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries - all that along with another box of the mini-mags. After all, I still had that $200-$250 that I had not spent, as I had planned to spend, on those newts at the reptile show.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Weeks And Two Days Of Work...

...ends at quitting time tomorrow. When I retired back in 2011, I did not expect to be working fulltime ever again (unless the job paid very well and was a no brain and no work position - but then I already had retired from the government so that was not about to happen). I have been working part-time, on call mostly with some advanced scheduling now and again, and probably have been averaging about 16 or 24 hours per week, since last August. For just over the past three weeks, I have worked every weekday while covering for a coworker who is on vacation. While having done so will be an okay boost for the pocket-book but I must say, I am happy I am not working fulltime for more than that. Getting up every morning at 0530 is for the birds - not me.

Going back to the part-time, on call, work is better than okay with me. I prefer having at least a couple of days per workweek, in addition to the weekends, to do whatever in Hades I want to do and there is no way to do that working fulltime. Retirement can be fun but not if you wind upon working full time except maybe at a rifle & pistol range, a mountain resort, or a... (I had best not mention my other choice I may get in trouble at home). 

Anyway, I am looking forward to my deliverance that will commence tomorrow at quitting time.

All the best,

Drip Dry

April showers and dips in the pool guarantee to get us all wet but this young lady seemingly has found a way to speed up drip drying when she doesn't have a towel handy:

I realize you probably have not noticed but if you look closely, you can see droplets of water falling as she bounces them.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Been All But Guaranteed I Would Not Vote For Lindsey Graham... a primary (if I could vote in the Republican primary but I have dropped out of the RINO party) and that I would not vote for him for the presidency. Who or what sealed that so nicely, so early, in the running? It was none other than former presidential hopeful (and everlasting super-RINO among RINOs) John McCain when he answered a question on whom he endorses for the presidency and said:

“Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham. First, last and always.” (source)

He also made me think I may have to support Rand Paul whom he vehemently opposes. I look at it this way - virtually anything John McCain says on domestic or foreign policy is absolute bullshit or at least questionable as such. He is, in my estimation, an ardent Obama arse-kisser and supporter who has been subverting the conservative base of the Republican party for a long time. I believe he fooled many by getting them to believe he was a conservative Republican based on his war record and on lots of  fast talk. Yet, I think it has come out in recent years, he is nothing more than a very liberal, leftist leaning, RINO.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A College Graduate From A State University Might Get My Vote For President...

...and I might even consider voting for someone without a college degree. I almost certainly will not vote for anyone who is a lawyer or has a law degree and would be reticent though to vote for another moron with a graduate degree from an Ivy League college. The truth is that every president subsequent to Ronald W. Reagan went to an Ivy league school, the most recent attending the cream of that crop - Harvard. Most of them were fairly moronic, even the better ones and some such as Obama, Clinton and G.W. Bush range from absolutely terrible, to very terrible, to fairly terrible respectively. Besides being a graduate of an Ivy League school, Harvard, the current arsehat also holds a law degree. More here.

My thanks and a hat tip to Peter Q. for the link to that article.

All the best,
Glenn B