Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Might Give Up Ever Trying To Be A Good Boy For Christmas...

... and relinquish any future Christmas presents if Santa delivered me some of these this year and allowed me to be a naughty boy with them just this once.

All the best,
Glenn B

NYC Mayor de Blasio Says Assassination of NYPD Officers Is Not Time For Politics

Politicians repeatedly dumbfound me and they do it on an all to frequently regular basis. Yesterday, after the cold blooded assassinations of two NYPD Officers, de Blasio had the gall to come out and make a statement in which he said that the immediate aftermath of the murders was "not a time for politics" (source). I wish I had the whole statement but have been unable to find the full quote online, I did hear it on Fox News last night. If you are a normal person, it would appall you to hear it especially in light of the statements that de Blasio made immediately after the Eric Garner death in NY when Mr. Garner died at the hands of the police when they attempted to arrest him as he resisted arrest. As I have stated before, I think one officer in that case resorted to too high a level of force, I think he should have been charged with a crime in that death. Regardless of that though, such was no reason to target two other police officers and shoot them down for racial or revenge motives or just because they were cops.

The point here is that the mayor made such an irresponsible statement that this is not the time for politics when he indeed resorted to making politically driven statements a short time ago. That time, the apparent right time to make politically driven statements, was right after Mr. Garner died at the hands of the police. He made it clear then that he believed race was a factor and that Mr. Garner had died because he was black. He did that with the ridiculous statement in which he said that he had had a talk with his half black - half white son during which he in essence trained his son that he had to be careful around police officers because he was black (source). Yet it is the police who provide his son with a protective detail.

Remember that de Blasio, also undoubtedly with political considerations in mind, allowed protestors to have almost completely unrestrained control of New York City streets and of structures such as the Brooklyn Bridge. In addition he allowed protest marchers to carry on while one shouts: "What do we want?" and then the crowd, in unison, giving a resounding reply of : "Dead cops" (source). I note here while that march was booked as 'The Millions Protest March' (or something like that but definitely using the word millions), it sure does not look like millions were marching (see the video in that article) yet there were enough involved to cause disruption and later those at the Brooklyn Bridge caused mayhem. Still though, de Blasio allowed that to carry on without much restraint if any.

He also allowed the protests to go unhindered so much so that the lack of control over the crowds eventually led to and contributed to, without doubt in my mind, two NYPD Lieutenants being beaten. Both were later hospitalized, one sustaining a broken nose. They were attacked by a mob from among the protestors. This happened when the police lieutenants attempted to arrest one protestor who seemed to be about to throw a heavy trash can onto police officers and maybe also onto other protestors below him from an elevated platform of the bridge (source).

In the past, as is usual when such preplanned protests are held in NY City, the course of events is that a group expresses its desire to the city to hold a protest march and that the group applies for a permit to do so. The police department considers the request and if a permit is granted there are condition which must be met and maintained during the course of the protests. Those conditions are most often in the form of restrictions such as marking off a route which the protestors must use, keeping protestors peaceful, not allowing any illegal behavior, not allowing stoppage of traffic, all while allowing he protestors to exercise their right to free speech while at them same time not impinging on anyone else's rights or liberties.

Mayor de Blasio seemingly ignored all of the protocols and allowed the crowds to run rampant. My bet would be that if a similar situation had erupted under Mayror Rudy Giuliani, he would have called for an immediate end to the protest march once it had gotten out of hand. More than that though, he most likely would have made arrangements to try to assure that it never would have gotten out of hand in the first place. The current mayor is a political ass kisser and he has been playing politics from the very beginning but now that blood is on his hands he has the unmitigated nerve to say now is not the time for political rebuttals from his opposition.

What he should be doing is decrying the use of violence, not attempting to silence his opponents. He should be telling the public that any further illegal violence will be met with the maximum allowable force under the law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Now, I am not saying that this was violence that came from the local community, the killer was not from Brooklyn as far as I am aware; however, I am saying that the mayor helped breed an atmosphere of total disrespect for law enforcement (especially the NYPD) by way of his politicizing the Eric Garner killing, by way of his race baiting its aftermath, and by way of truly turning his back on the NYPD. Now he is trying to tell us that it is not time for politics and that statement is political in nature in and of itself.

He is only saying that because all of the anti de Blasio politicking done now is sure to frame him in a bad light and assure that his first term as mayor will be his last term. So he is trying to quell anything political, he is merely trying to lower the political, ethical and emotional heat that is being blasted in his direction. He is going to get a lot more of it since he is as hypocritical as the worst hypocrite I have ever seen (my opinion). Amazingly enough, he expected the NYPD to take it when he turned his back on them but now is saying they should not be turning their backs on him; which by the way is exactly what they did and that was probably only the beginning of what he will have to face if he continues as the inept mayor he has been to date.

So what can he do? Well, it is too late to get it done right to avoid whatever is coming as a result of the killings of these two officers or to get it done right to avoid what already has come as a result of the Eric Garner death at the hands of police. Personally, I think the best thing he could do for the city would be to try to maintain the peace and then resign as quickly as possible. Since he apparently cannot accept the fact that this is the time for harsh criticism, political or otherwise, of his blundering buffoonery as mayor, I doubt he will accept any responsibility for any culpability leading to these assassinations and he will remain in office much to the degradation of the City of New York. What a shame because I am willing to bet that will only lead to more upheaval and violence.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Been A Sad Day In Brooklyn, Very Sad...

...and with the sadness is mixed in lots of anger and disbelief after the assassination of two New York City Police Officers by a cowardly lowlife. Their killer sneaked up on them from behind and opened fire without giving them a chance and snuffed out the lives of two young men before their times.

NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu, RIP.
Rafael Ramos, who had been on the force for three years, was a 40 year old husband and the father of a 13 year old. Wenjian Liu, a seven year veteran of the NYPD, was only 32 years old and had been married all of about 2 months.

Their suspected killer, Ismaaiyl Brinsley allegedly had shot his girlfriend in Baltimore, MD earlier in the day and then reportedly made several posts to her Instagram account in which he said, among other things, that he was going to put wings on some cops in NY. The Baltimore police reportedly warned the NYPD about Brinsley's threats against NYPD Officers but the warning came too late to do any good.

This reportedly is a photograph of
the suspected cop-killer Brinsley.
Photo source.
Brinsley apparently traveled to NY where he allegedly shot the cops in Brooklyn as they sat in their patrol car. He then walked to a subway station where he allegedly shot and killed himself. Fucking bastard was to much of a coward to face what he had coming.

My heart felt condolences go out to their families and loved ones and to their brothers and sisters in blue. A Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah will not be had for the families of these officers - maybe not for years to come - and it is certain that a pall of sadness has fallen over their brothers and sisters in blue, and all New Yorkers, this holiday season. 

All the best,
Glenn B



Saturday, December 20, 2014

Living For Each Other

And thus I would gladly lead the lamb to slaughter. I do love an excellent leg of lamb and salmon, lobster, chicken, turkey, duck, pork roast, bacon and rib-eye steak are right up there too! Nature is ever so yummy.
All the best,
Glenn B

What I Wish For My Friends and What I Wish For Kim

This is what I wish for my friends:

However, you Kim Jung-un are not a friend, at least not one of mine. You sir are an arsehat and a tyrannical and oppressive dictator with a narcissist streak for whom I wish something of another ilk; I wish that you are very soon visited by this guy:
All the best (except to you Kim),
Glenn B


Putting A Stop To Nazi Germany Being Reborn - Who Can Do It - Consider John Bolton

Twenty years ago, I probably never would have believed that this would actually happen but it is now unfolding for all the world to see and yet we do virtually nothing. It is a holocaust of only a slightly different nature than that of the WWII era. This time around, not only are the mentally deficient, criminally insane, Gypsies, Jews, and enemies of the state being put to death but, it is anyone and everyone who is not of the exact same ilk as those of ISIS who are being exterminated. Yes, I said exterminated because that is exactly what ISIS is doing (and let's not forget the Taliban because they have been and continue to do likewise).

There is a way, I think, to put a stop to this and to do it in a fairly swift manner but that would require an alliance of nations with balls (and at least brass ones at that) to be willing to wage all out war on all of extremist Islam on a unified front. Since no one, at this point in time who has any power in government is willing to do such, you can expects hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of deaths at the hands of these scum in ISIS and the Taliban before anyone in power gets the nerve to even recommend that we totally and without prejudice wipe out every last one of these psychotics.

How likely is it to happen in my lifetime, that we actually make a major effort to totally annihilate these bastards - not likely with mindsets like this one that require our fighting men and women to respect terrorists and not hurt their feelings. Note that that is not the exception but the rule as we here in the US have restrictions that are just as ridiculous such as these. There is no way we are going to win this war with pansies as our leaders who give orders like those.

What we need is a fighter to take charge. When we hit 2016 and the presidential election - for whom will we be able to vote? That pompous witch Hillary could be a choice - no way she will fight terror - she will have a caliphate here within 6 years and try to blame it all on a conservative film maker. Then maybe there will be blabbermouth Joe. That fool who can't keep his tongue between his teeth and who has some of the furthest left leaning moronic ideas for governing I have ever heard. Maybe Romney or Bush - they are two pompous wimps. Forget about the fat boy from Jersey - he is a spoiled cry baby who only looks hard (at best) when he has a temper tantrum.

We need a hard boiled, no nonsense, commander and patriotic type to take the reins in his teeth, take his pistols in his hands, and lead the charge of our troops and those of our allies in an all out war against terror. he does not necessarily need to have military experience but needs to have chutzpah (grit, impudence, balls of steel or at least brass). While he is not perfect and has made some mistakes, one fellow that I think may fit this description is: John Bolton. Instead of writing his autobiography way too early in life and instead of pushing the dreams of his father, Mr. Bolton wrote:  Surrender Is Not An Option: Defending America At The United Nations And Abroad. He has been a staunch defender of liberty and of the United States of America throughout his working lifetime.

I would vote for Bolton in a heartbeat before voting for any of the others I can think of who may wind up in the running. If you feel likewise, then start letting others know about him. Start calling political leaders and interest groups to push for him. He would be a savior of this nation instead of being the like of the current nincompoop in charge who ignores the Constitution unless he is corrupting it. There may be other and better men for the job but I have not seen one of them with a real interest in taking it on and getting done what need be done.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind but Bolton is the man I am thinking of at this early stage of the game.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Threat To SONY Could Be From...

...Iran, China or Russia (but I suspect more likely from North Korea - or maybe American hackers) and those assholes at SONY have caved in and will not premiere whatever asshole movie they intended to premiere on Christmas because there is a threat of a 9/11 attack against SONY. See:

Are the arsehats in charge of SONY kidding me? Do they really fear that some unidentified entity will crash planes into buildings, killing thousands, if they premiere a stupid comedy film in which they plot to, or actually, kill off a character based on the asshole in charge of North Korea? After all, the hackers claimed it would be a 9/11 style attack!


All the best,
Glenn B

Even More Shitfaced Than Last Night...

...if that is possible but at least it is only 1943 hours and I only have to be up and really awake by 0530 for work tomorrow (so I may yet make it in on time). Life has just dealt me some things that are a little hard to deal with right before Christmas (which may wind up neither here nor there) but if I miss work, all I can say is - FUCK IT (with all due respect to my job and my boss).

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"...a sweet hello followed by a warm goodbye..."

That is exactly what I have been enjoying for the past 15 minutes or so. I had a craving for something sweet but my wife recently denuded the house of anything sweet because she had high glucose levels during a recent physical which I find hard to believe because at 58 she has the body of a 25 year old. I kid you not - it's because she is an exercise junkie.

Well anyway, I had a hankering for something sweet and I also needed an attitude adjustment. The only thing in the house that I could find, to achieve both a once, was something I had just bought tonight as a Christmas present for someone (but not for me) else. That something, for someone else, was a jar of Moonshine Cherries. Over the past quarter hour (maybe even 20 minutes) I gobbled down about half a jar's worth of the cherries and drank to moonshine down to a level to keep the remaining cherries just barely covered. I guess I have to buy another one for the Christmas present for that someone else.

So, what did that do for me. It sure was a sort of a sweet hello (at least what I could taste through the alcohol and that was good enough - man I love those cherries) and over the past few minutes or so it also has been one heck of a warm goodbye. I have been feeling a warmth I usually only feel in a sauna or in a hot car with the windows closed in the summertime in Calexico, CA (and that is warm as hell). Feels good though. As I am typing, it is finally hitting my head and giving me another sort of feeling - that kind of mellow that tells me I am well on my way to being snockered. Thing is, I am willing to bet, I don't need even one more of those cherries or the moonshine they are soaked in to windup drunk - just give me a few more minutes and I should be four sails to the wind.

Man oh man, I am eve so happy I cracked that mason jar open. The result, in addition to the sweet hello, the warmth, and the feeling snockered is that  - it has (at least temporarily) taken a big load off of my mind and that is a good thing because that particular load was pretty heavy.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Had A Proverbial Lump In My Oh So Sore Throat Earlier Tonight...

...and did not feel much like talking, let alone blogging. Been feeling miserable with that sore throat for awhile now. After sending an email to a good friend and having about a 1/4 of a bottle Carolan's Irish Cream Liqueur with a few shots of potato vodka mixed into it, that lump seems to have dissolved, the soreness almost completely soothed and I feel almost completely better now both physically and mentally. I may even get a good enough night's sleep before 0515 rolls around so that I'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed when I get up for work tomorrow. It won't be enough sleep but as I said it may be good enough. I may even still be awake enough, after I get home from work tomorrow, to give the blog a good go with a post or three. For tonight though, I think that I'll just hit the hay and say: "Goodnight all".

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fox News Asking If Australian Terrosist Act Should Be A Warning For USA

See this linked page.

Well, that was the title of the video although it did not cover that topic from what I could tell. Anyway, it is a good question and I think I have the answer.

Yes, I think that act of terrorism should be seen as a warning for those of us who live here in the US because sure as shit it could happen here. Now the warning is only as good as how well you heed it and I think the best way to do that would be for all Americans who can legally arm themselves to do so whenever they can and wherever they can do so. Had one or three of those Aussies had concealed handguns, the whole situation might well have been over almost as soon as it had started with a dead terrorist and all hostages freed and alive.

All the best,
Glenn B

And In Other News From Australia... opposed to this terrorist stuff, in that other news out of Australia: A young man who was spearfishing, around the Great Barrier Reef, was attacked, mauled and killed by a shark. Ouch. I am happy I don't go spearfishing, those darned spearfish seem to attract sharks. Of course that terrorist stuff makes me happy I don't hang out in cafes in Sydney either.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ho Ho Ho Need Help At Christmas - Send Me A Christmas Wish-List Email

I know it's kind of late in the season to start this but since I will be relying on emails instead of snail mail I may be able to pull this off in time for Christmas.

What I am doing here is asking that anyone aware of a family in need ask the parents in that family to enter a brief comment here to this post letting Santa Claus know what they would like to get their child for Christmas but may need some help in acquiring it this year in this terrible economy. I will pick a winner at random from among all entries I receive and will try to send the parents at least one item from the wish-list or will send a gift card to help them purchase something for their kid(s). That way they have at least a little something  extra to put under the tree, or in the stocking, or on the table this year.

Please keep it reasonable, I will not be buying anyone anything above about $50 (and will not gift anything illegal or that I consider tasteless). I will accept comments beginning tonight through Thursday, December 18th at 11:59 PM. I will ask the winning parent(s) to send me contact info at a later date so I can arrange shipment of the gift to the parents. I will announce the winner on Friday December 19th in a new post and in the comments section of this post. My selection of the winner, the type and value of the prize and the awarding of the prize is final. I retain the right to cancel this offer at any time including after entries have been submitted. By your entry into this contest, you agree without reservation to hold me harmless and indemnify in any and all legal actions that are directly or indirectly brought because of your participation in this event or because of your use or gifting of the prize or due to any other consideration at all related to this contest and the results. If you don't agree, don't enter. Other than that, have a very Merry Christmas.

Feel free to link to this post to spread the word. Thanks.

All the best,
Glenn B

Perfect Timing

Baby, Hazel Grace, popped out with impeccable timing being born at 10:11 on 12/13/14. Too bad her parents weren't as good at naming her - I mean who in their right mind names their daughter Hazel? See:

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holy Gift Giving Geezers, Batman

Yes folks, I am a geezer and a gift giver (as are we all) but I am holy (as relative to my past me) because I am already wrapping my Christmas gifts and writing out my Christmas cards for this year. If that does not make me saintly (this year), then nothing does. That if only because I have never done anything else that might qualify me for that honor.

Yes, I am writing Christmas cards two weeks before Christmas instead of only days before (or days after) Christmas as I usually wind up doing. I also have completed all of my really necessary Christmas shopping; well with the exception of only a few gifts for some people whom I suppose should receive something from me. That is amazing for me - this early in the season.

Of course, as has been usual for the past 47 years or more, I have to shop on Christmas Eve, otherwise it would not be Christmas the next day as far as I am concerned. I usually save that shopping spree for an extra present for my wife and or kids. Otherwise, I am pretty much finished. I think I need presents for only two people in my family for whom I have not gotten them already! That is pretty damned good for me this early. Add to that, the fact that, today, I wrapped most of the ones I already bought and I could be a saint.

Even if it does really not come close to qualifying me for sainthood, it makes me feel good and quite satisfied with my own efforts this year.

Whatever - hope you are
having half as good a day as me,
Glenn B

I Cracked Open My Golden Monkey Tripel Ale At 1203 Hours Today...

...and am still nursing it. Since it is a 1 pint, 9.6 fluid ounce sized ale, that is almost understandable, that is the still nursing it part is almost understandable, if you think having one that early is bad, go screw yourself. I am almost ready for a second one but I suppose most would be well into their second one by now.

It is a Golden Monkey Tripel from the Victory Brewing Company of Downington, PA. It has 9.5% alcohol content and is a spiced ale. It is damned good too and it is reliable in that regard as I can testify after having enjoyed them several times now! I have to hand it to the brewers at Victory, they have a winner with this one. It also has a darned good price, selling for about $5.79 a bottle (if I remember right) at Costco as opposed to most finer ales, with that high an alcohol content, they sell that go for about $8 to $15 a bottle.

I am not the only one thinking it is a great tasting ale, look to this link for a review with all that fancy shit about how its flavor (it tastes like great ale to me):

All the best,
Glenn B

Somehow, I Think She Just Doesn't Understand The Meaning Of Virginity

It may be be a well meant gesture on her part to have her virginity 'restored' but it sure seems to me that Brazil's Miss BumBum winner simply does not comprehend the meaning of virginity or the word nevermore. She simply does not understand that no matter what she (or her doctor) does now, she will never again be a virgin. Virginity - it's here until it's gone and then as quoth the Raven - "nevermore".

More (as in additional info, not virginity) here.

All the best,
Glenn B

"Your Whole Goal Is To Protect The United Sates Of America...

...its Constitution and its liberties."

He may have been the last Congressman to actually get it and now he is gone - retired. We have lost a good one.

Hat tip to Peter Q for sending me the video.

All the best,
Glenn B

As Much Fun As Sex?

Well if not, then it sure must be some good foreplay!

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just Another Viewpoint On Mike Brown (Of Fergusson Infamy)

Makes a lot of sense in light of all the evidence.

All the best,

There Are Monsters Among Us Who Deserve To Die Terribly

I Think The Scum Who Did This Deserve To Die A Most Terrible Death:


They poured lighter fluid down her throat and poured more all over her and set her afire. Thus ended the life a young woman at the hands of fiends whom I believe deserve only to live only long enough to suffer unbearable agony at the hands of an expert in long term torture. Then, I think, they should die a horrible death by way of even longer term torture.

Right now, I feel so outraged to say they should get no mercy regardless of anything that might be considered a mitigating factor by some liberal criminal excusing attorney piece of shit. I believe they deserve the worst that can be given and maybe that I even would be glad to be their inquisitor, torturer and executioner regardless of the consequences. Let me assure you, if it was legal, it would take years for them to die at my hands and they would be tortured for every living moment. There are monsters among us and the pieces of shit that did this are among the most horrible.

How can I close, as I usually do, by wishing anyone all the best after saying that? I admit I cannot. I only find myself wishing that whomever did this suffers terribly at the hands of her avengers.

Glenn B

Interrogation Techniques Used On Terrorists

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today In History - They Got The Vote

Yes men, today's date is that other date in December that will live in infamy. It was on this date, December 10, 1869, that the beginning of the end commenced and before the sun set on that day, we were doomed. Never before had anything like this happened in the long history of the world. Nowhere else on earth had any politicians ever before been looney enough to legislate such nonsense let alone had there ever been a head of state as suicidal as was the Governor of the Territory of Wyoming. It was on that sadly fateful day, that one man and one ma alone brought all men to their knees when this was encated. In other words, women won and we lost now that they had been granted the vote. Within only 51 years of the passage of the very first law allowing women to vote and hold office, women became so powerful as to be able to bring about the following catastrophes:

The Volstead Act

Need I say more? Well, if you think I must then let me point out:


Now maybe you get the picture. Yes, those genteelmen in Wyoming doomed us all. Now, since they repealed it, we pay taxes through our noses for it. Never would have been that way had those mindless arsehats in Wyoming not caved.

All the best,
Glenn B